Unconditional love is the strongest power that reaches Heaven and God;

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The only love that can teach our spirits to soar

Everything you do; do it with unconditional love

The most important reason for our brief time in this world is to learn how to possess, bless, and share unconditional love. This most powerful of loves has rules that must be kept in order to receive its rewards. It rewards with revelations and miracles. And now that I have learned this truth; from this moment forward; to become as one with its own is my greatest desire and quest. And because of this, I have had a spiritual awakening and am ready to learn everything about unconditional love I possibly can...
   If unconditional love is the strongest power that reaches the footstools of Heaven; then let us strive to possess this greatest love of all. If unconditional love is the mightiest power that rules over all creation; then let us learn to live by all of its rules. And if unconditional love is the deepest of all emotions; then let it fill our hearts, so that it can change our thoughts to be like its own. If unconditional love teaches our spirits to soar into the everlasting light of God; then learning about this never-ending truths is the ultimate purpose for eternal life. When it comes to this most cherished of all loves; there is always something new to experience about its wonders and awe. Blessings of unconditional love abound when we learn how to be as one with its all. This is the only love that can teach us about all that is beyond the veil. We must be strong in faith for this love; to learn all what it wants to reveal. If love can move the mountains, then love is capable of anything and everything we can imagine or pray about. And if love grows with each passing day, then love will never have an end, and the closer we get to unconditional love; the closer we get to Heaven and God.

And if God is pure and true love, as we know he is; no one could ever possibly imagine the depths of majesty? His love blesses all creation to learn of his truths. His is the highest, and the mightiest of any and of all loves. The unconditional love of God brought all creation into existence; for all to be a part of his own. His is a love that I pray my own learns to reflect, and if God's love is eternal as Holy Scripture says it is, then I pray, “Please Father God, let your holy love always remain within my all”. If our souls are made from unconditional love, as we truly know that they are; then love is the very purpose for everything that does exist. And because I am learning all that this love wants; I am standing on top of the world just giving praise and giving glory to it all. And if love can teach us how to live; then let us learn to be transformed into all that it wants. If unconditional love must never feel pain; then let us learn the definitions of tears of joy. And if unconditional love is the strongest power, as the Holy Word says that it is; then from its presence, we can never escape.

If love is of the very ingredient that did create our very souls; then love is the very mystery that is keeping our souls alive. The unconditional love of God is the greatest unconditional love of all, and he yearns for everyone to be consumed by his everlasting light. All other unconditional loves are fueled by Gods own. And it all begins and ends in the same place; in the existence of God alone. I have been yearning my entire life to experience this holiest of all loves; and now that I have, I will never be the same again. My entire life has changed. I am now content. I am now strong and I am now brave. And if love is of the essence of our very soul; then our soul is the only important possession in life that we must learn from and about.

Your soul is made of everlasting light and the unconditional love of God which originates from Heaven and permeates unto all. It is poured out to all to take into their souls for spiritual nourishment. His love is our life-line and what guides us to get closer towards his all. His unconditional love is a direct connection to our souls that allows direct communication from above. From where all eternal love did begin and from where all that is without end; From where is of all that is of Holy Spirit’s. Love and faith are all that really matters concerning life with a never-ending hope that will never give up. Never stop believing and hoping for the unconditional love of God to come and live inside your soul. And when the time is right this love will bless all that is of your own and reveal to you all of its mysteries and truths.

If love can move the mountains; then I pray that Holy Spirit will teach my soul how to get closer towards all that is of his own. I will never stop striving, yearning and hoping to get as close as possible towards the unconditional love. I have learned it’s not about distance, it’s about strength of faith and trust. This moment and every other moment I get, this is my deepest love for only one purpose and for only one cause. It is a part of me and will always remain to be, and I pray that this love grows. This love that is from the heavens is stronger than anything; it never gives up, and it never let’s go. And once you do connect with its awe surpassing power there is no turning or looking back. It transforms the very soul for all that is of its own.

Unconditional love is the most powerful of all powers, though is the most delicate of all energies. It is one of the main reasons for life, and purposes for everlasting life. To learn to recognize its presence is to know it is very much alive, and knows who possesses of its same. Its spirit exists of holiness and acknowledges others with qualities like its own. Once it is recognized, it desires to share of its all; creating new blessings and strengths. Understanding the forces of unconditional love leads to understanding every mystery of the soul, the heavens, and God. Unconditional love intensifies with trusting faith. Ask for the strength that is needed, and it will be given, and the blessings continuously flow within from above.

Unconditional love is like flames of fire. It knows exactly what it wants from all, and it lives to share of its truths. It blesses, or it can burn, because its principles cannot be questioned, or compromised, or doubted to ever receive of its rewards. For those who desire to learn its deepest definitions must fully be committed to its all. Let it give to you all that it wants; and its revelations will never cease. The unconditional love wants to teach you all of its hidden truths that are eternal. This is the kind of relationship that it wants to share with anyone and everyone who desires it to. It wants to fill every heart full of its truths. You see, all loves are not equal to the unconditional loves’ qualities. It is the only love that truly forgives, and yearns for all to do the same. It is from this very power that is of many powers that did create the living soul.

As time moves forward; the strength of the unconditional love intensifies and multiplies as it grows. Unconditional love is the most important gift of life to receive and to learn about. This love blesses the mind and the heart continually with gifts of hope and prosperity. The unconditional love always forgives and always gives second chances. This love never gives up on anyone; it always waits patiently for your requests, and always tenderly gives. And with a sincere heart, your faults are never blamed, they are only given answers for you to correct with overwhelming grace. It keeps one protected from all other loves that are not true. It opens the eyes, and the heart to accept of its strengths; to be able to stand strong enough to prevail over all and to endure. Just ask for its favor and its mysteries humbly; and be prepared for many wonderful changes to begin.

If love grows with each passing day, then love will never have an end, and a thousand years from now, we will forget what the meaning of time is. And if this unconditional love is eternal as I know that it is, then I pray, “Please, unconditional love; fill my life, and all that I am with all that is of your own”.

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