Get ready! We are about to take our spirits on a journey

Visions of blissful spiritual and supernatural light from celestial energies

into the supernatural, where all that is spiritual is tangible, and where all that is tangible is spiritual. Where each has distinct characteristics of both, though they are one in the same as our faith has evolved. We are, and will always be, spirit and soul foremost, where the spiritual and the supernatural are the essence of the corporeal and natural, and where the power and the definition of the breath of life originate from. Which is why we are here in this world right now to learn the facts and truths of spiritual supernatural light and the lies and fiction of darkness. Therefore, prepare oneself for their inevitable spiritual and supernatural destinies that are sure to come. We are here to learn about all the spiritual and supernatural truths that define the purpose of life. The spiritual was not made or did not come from the physical and the material. The truth is quite the opposite. The spiritual made the material and the tangible. And the supernatural made all that is natural and physical.

It will be so awesome for you to go with me there, now that you have removed the boundaries that had kept your faith from reaching greater spiritual realities. Now that you know that faith is limitless, you are free to go where you have never been before. All the heavens have been waiting for you to learn their celestial truths about all that this great mystery of life is about. It took me a long time to learn how to get there, and now that I know the way, I will share it with you. I know you've been curious about all that lies on the other side. It is not a mystery at all; it's quite simple once you open your conscious, your spirit, and your soul to it all. This is when it all begins to be revealed. This is when life begins to make sense. It is the ultimate reality that defines the reasons for life and compels believers to be ambitious in their pursuit of spiritual blessings while awakening their natural senses to the ultimate truths of the spirit, the soul, the heavenly realms, and God. Now that you believe that anything is possible through faith, you are free to venture into the spiritual unknown that I have become aware of.

Before we begin our journey, there are many spiritual truths about the spiritual unknowns that I need to share with you in advance. By thought, or by spirit, or by faith, it would be difficult to conceive of what exists on the other side until one begins to learn for themselves. And yes, all is revealed as faith grows. And yes, the closer one gets to the Holy Spirit, both inwardly and outwardly, the more spiritual revelations occur. That is how faith and spiritual growth work. These are the blessings of determination, strength and strong will. Once confidence progresses far beyond doubt, one becomes even more connected with all that is over there. This is how you and they both know you are being drawn closer and being joined with them all. This is how you learn what they want to share. It happens through faith as it grows. We don't have to die for our spirits to learn about everything that exists on the other side. Through Christ and with the Holy Spirit dwelling within one's soul, the supernatural unknowns become known. All is revealed to each one at just the right time when it needs to be revealed, so prepare yourself to enter the most awesome spiritual life you could've only imagined of before. It is waiting for you to get familiar with it all. Prepare yourself to get even closer to our Holy Lord.

Be aware that the ultimate purpose in life is to connect with these highest powers of God. And no matter where we go from here to there, or no matter what form we take when we leave this world, we will always be defined by the essence of our spirit and our soul. With that in mind and that in truth, let us journey to a place where the physical and the material are defined by spiritual truths alone. To a place within faith that does not question or doubt a single word that has been revealed to us through Christ, therefore always allowing for unknown truths to be revealed. Where new awareness starts once one opens their eyes to the heavenly and begins to transform their faith.

So far, so good. And now, without question or without doubt is the most important and powerful of all spiritual knowledge and all spiritual powers that is reserved for all to learn to possess, the mysteries and the definitions of the Holy Scriptures of Christ. Do not question or doubt Christ’s truths. To be blessed to learn of the spiritual communion and communication that occurs. If one is not prepared with Holy Scripture knowledge to explore spiritual unknowns, the facts concerning all spiritual truths will not be revealed. To be in Christ is to be in total union with Him. This is when all the blessings of all spiritual strengths and truths begin. This is why it is important to always strive to learn as much as possible about the word and the light of God, the mysteries of faith, the behaviors of the spirit of self, and the light that is the essence of the soul. Once one begins to learn about these mysteries, it is a never-ending journey of spiritual growth and the greatest purpose for everlasting life. It's all about elevating faith from one level to the next level, one step at a time.

The first thing to understand and always remember is that everything in the spiritual and supernatural realms is made up of spirits, energies, forces, and powers of either light or darkness. Light and darkness cannot exist together in any one form of spirit, power, or entity. There is no compromise of this law of God that exists anywhere in all creation or existence. It cannot be broken, forsaken, or compromised. There is no in-between; there never has been and there never will be. It's either one side or the other.

Light exists in some form or another in all creation. Light can pierce the darkness, but darkness cannot pierce the light. Darkness cannot exist in the light, though light can exist in darkness. And know that all spirits, energies, forces, powers, and spiritual and supernatural realms are defined by qualities and quantities of light, and qualities and quantities of darkness. And the farther away you are from the light, the more darkness there is. We know that, because of the grace and love of God, most of all spirits and religions in this world are directly connected to the Holy Light of His own. Do not judge or discriminate against any other faith or religion in this world because we are all seeking to attain higher spiritual truths of light that our spirits and souls so desperately need to sustain spirit and soul.

If one seeks all that is holy, there is much to learn to make sure one is always protected. In the heavenly and spiritual realms, it is quite vast, with many unknown extremes. While some will welcome you and bless you, others will try to manipulate and destroy you. Within the spiritual realms, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between powers of light and powers of darkness. Unless, of course, one has the Holy Spirit, which is the holy light of God dwelling inside their souls. This alone is the most important power and spiritual truth of faith to possess, which is the strongest power given to all to learn how to communicate with all that exists in the heavens above and the heavens of God. The Holy Spirit of God is needed to dwell within one's spirit and soul to have total discernment over the origins of all spirits, energies, forces, and powers. This discernment is what is needed to be able to venture beyond the spiritual realms into the heavenly realms. The life of a Christian is to always be aware that spiritual warfare between light and darkness is constant and continual.

Most realms are ruled by the powers of light or darkness. There are many that consist of both, such as in our own world, Earth. These are the places where spiritual wars are raging for dominance and authority. As a Christian, this will not affect us, if faith is strong, and one is aware of the truths. I will share with you all that I know now that we are here together, so that it may help you prepare for all that surely lies ahead.

The goal is to recognize the spirit of self and learn about its capabilities.

Let's start with the spirit of self. Everyone has a spirit; we are each born with our very own. Just as conscientiousness matures, so does the spirit of self. It’s about spiritual growth. Everyone possesses their very own unique spirit. You are your own individual conscience, spirit, and soul, unlike anyone else in the world. The mystery of the spirit of self continues to transform and grow in strength throughout life. Your own spirit is a precise reflection of all that consists of your innermost self, which connects to the heavens above. This is how the heavens and the spiritual realms know exactly where you stand and how strong and true you really are. This is how spiritual energies connect with or repel the spirit of your own; it's not by choice; it's by awareness of spiritual truths or not. They know your spirit as well as you do. No one can hide from their own higher truths. What the spirit of self consists of and connects with is all that really matters when it comes to higher powers when they begin to take control. There are spirits who will protect you, whether you know it or not. They will protect you because they see the light that is in your soul. All of one's own desires, values, morals, emotions, faith, will, hopes, joys, fears, strengths, weaknesses, and everything else that defines oneself radiate from within one’s spirit and soul. The spirit of the self is composed of the energy of the conscience and soul and reflects everything one is living for and dying for. Its nature is to be an ally to all other forces within oneself, to be a distinct and individual force, even though it recognizes that it is most powerful when combined with holiness. All of one's internal spiritual forces must be in harmony and work together in unison rather than separately for continual revelations to occur. If someone blesses their spirit, the spirit will reveal itself and share its purposes for your life.

Learn to listen to your spirit and your soul. They hold secrets that they want to share with you. Your spirit and your soul that is of your very own know mysteries of the heavens and the stars that you and they are made from that cannot be kept secret. They must be revealed for you to reach higher spiritual understandings to prosper and to excel, thus blessing all the spiritual that you are naturally and supernaturally associated with. These secrets must be revealed for each of our very own revelations to occur. These secrets and these mysteries of life must easily be understood to learn of even greater secrets and mysteries of God’s higher truths. It is of the mystery and the purpose of the spirit and the soul of oneself to learn individual spiritual control. Learn to listen to your body, because your body listens to spirit and soul. Learn to listen to your spirit and your soul, because they are made from the light of God. And learn to listen to your instincts because your instincts are connected to higher spiritual powers. Your spirit is connected to the heavens and is trying to get your attention to enlighten you to its everlasting truths. Always know that your own soul has the deepest of all connections with Heaven and God.

If one is unaware of their spirit, their spirit waits patiently for faith to grow enough to discover its presence. All the while waiting for its complete surrender to only you. Once the spirit of self is recognized, it becomes overjoyed, knowing that it is no longer on its own. It finds comfort and contentment in the will of its beholder; to where and that is where it belongs. Once discovered, it will teach you everything you will need to know to prepare you for a blessed spiritual life. The spirit of self must be in harmony with its ally, the self-conscience, to ever attempt to explore the spiritual unknown. Conscience is a spirit, and a force, just as self-spirit and soul are as well. And all must be joined for spiritual growth to gradually occur and lift our spirit and souls into the heavens.

I will begin by sharing the basic principles that need to be known to ensure that all your future spiritual encounters are pleasurable. You, alone, are the only one that has ultimate command over all that your conscience, your spirit, and your soul consist of. These together are the sum of all that defines each person's own spiritual identity. The self-conditioning of these forces is essential to gain self-control and maintain ultimate self-authority and integrity. These three individual life forces must work together in harmony to gain the most prosperous spiritual life possible. Conditioning is a process of learning, and for a Christian, it's about learning the basics of all spiritual truths. One cannot learn these truths without referencing, researching, and meditating on the Holy Scriptures. There are no other shortcuts or any other way for spiritual truths to be experienced, revealed, or explained. Once learned, they must be applied to one's life and not altered or changed to allow for self-justification. Just as your body needs proper nourishment to attain optimum health, so does the conscience, the spirit, and the soul. The spirit and soul always seek to be nourished. They thrive on the fruits of the spirit, which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. One of the reasons they are called fruit is because they are spiritual food for spiritual nourishment and growth. The spirit doesn't like being introduced to any that are the opposites of these fruits, such as hate, anger, or any other negative energies. This will cause the spirit to become unhealthy and unhappy and experience grief and pain. The spirit hungers for all that is holy and true; it yearns for comfort, companionship, and love. And as awareness grows, the spirit of self becomes capable of reasoning for itself, obliging the very faith and soul of the person to whom it belongs.

Everything that exists spiritually consists of either positive or negative forces. Negative is anything that is disruptive towards the positive majority. Positive is everything that blesses and is beneficial for spiritual growth. If you feed your spirit and soul nourishing energy and fuel, you bless yourself and your spirit gets blessed and blesses you back, and blesses others in return. If you feed and fuel your living soul with anything and everything that is holy, your soul will rejoice and bless and praise all that is of Heaven and God. It's best not to associate oneself with any questionable or negative spiritual energy for optimum spiritual growth to occur. Inside and outside influences determine everything that is of faith, spirituality, and the supernatural that is of oneself. It's all about one's faith; faith has ultimate authority over all the forces of life, of the natural world, and of the supernatural that oneself connects with. That's about how basic and simple the answer gets to preparing yourself for success. You can easily define the spiritual condition of your life by the way you live it. You are solely responsible for the quantity and quality of your faith. One alone determines their own spiritual destiny through every action they take and every thought they have. Every action and every thought of oneself simultaneously affects one's spiritual state of existence.

All thoughts of the mind, all desires of the body, all yearnings of the heart, and all that is of the will of the soul are what create the condition of one’s spirit of self. This all begins to happen early in life, even before conscious awareness of these human capabilities is recognized. As a child, one’s spirit instinctively yearns for nurturing love. In this young stage, depending on the quality and quantity of love that each child receives, this yearning begins to shape and condition one’s spirit. As one matures physically and mentally, the spirit of self continues to develop both dependently and independently. Independently through free will and dependently through all closest influences. Consider these conditions wisely when it comes to caring for the young. You and the spirit you possess influence all that you meet, for better or for worse, with or without your own knowledge of this fact.

Self-spirit is everything you make your life force to be through the condition of conscience. It is an invisible force that is energized by perceptions and reasons for living; it cannot be seen but is easily felt. The condition of one's spirit and its actions are in direct accordance with one's own state of mind. When thoughts are of positive energy, the spirit of self is in command and blesses. When thoughts are of negative energy, the spirit of self is not in command and is being influenced by adverse energies. This is the nature of one's own spirit. Be careful of outside influences, because without your consent and control, it will be left defenseless. A weak spirit will influence every other energy one possesses. One must learn to control their own spirit, because if they don't, outside energies, forces, or powers will. Without the Holy Spirit being the dominant power that oversees one's entire life, outside energies will penetrate all that is vulnerable and do their best to undermine it, without one's knowledge or will. You don't want this to happen, because if it does, you will be battling forces and spirits to regain command. and sometimes that is easier said than done. Just keep your mind on all that is holy, and you'll never have to worry about losing your own authority. Your spirit does bless you if you bless it well and let it teach you its secrets for your own good.

The spirit of self is both such a delicate energy and a powerful force to learn about and from. Yes, the spirit of self will teach you everything that it knows; it knows answers and truths that will help make us strong. Though it can't reveal its secrets until spiritual growth is sufficient to be reassured, it knows when you are listening to it and knows if you are wasting its time. It yearns to be acknowledged and waits patiently to be energized by observance. The spirit of self is a fluid form of spiritual matter all on its own that takes time to be identified by the mind and heart of its owner. It roams on its own at times until it is noticed. There are rules for its existence that cannot be compromised. Through recognition, one becomes aware of its actions and learns to understand the reasons why it does all the things that it does. For better or worse, the spirit is obedient to all that belongs to its recipient. Spirit collaborates in union with all of one's own energies because of the insight into all that it is capable of. Its innermost home is in the heart, in the soul, and in the will. And each must work together to achieve the same goals. Once one learns of its existence, it is easy to fully understand its desires. It has rules that must be kept, and it always seeks to be fulfilled. Above all, it yearns for all that is holy and true to be lively. If you fuel your spirit well with righteousness, it will bless you and guide you continually. Everyone has their own spirit and will that they must learn from as faith grows. Knowing one's spirit and dye is more blessed in the afterlife than never knowing either, because everything in the afterlife is ruled by light and spirit. Will and spirit both work together to achieve your spiritual goals, and both yearn for your ultimate purpose in life to be fulfilled. Your mystery of the soul and your knowledge of the spirit are two of the most important purposes of life; no one, or no power, that exists in all of creation will ever know all that it is capable of, except you and God.

Allow your spirit to learn to be in harmony with your body, heart, and mind; then your spirit will become an unstoppable force, learning to be a part of all that is eternal and gifting knowledge of higher and holier dimensions. Our awareness of these blessings brings the wisdom of faith, which feeds the spirit and fuels the soul with all that is of the everlasting and teaches us each of our own life force, of the forces of nature, of the supernatural, and of the powers of light and darkness, though most importantly, of the powers of God. The properties of the spirit consist of mysteries waiting to be revealed as spiritual awareness grows. The spirit has a like-minded quality of attraction to other energies, forces, and spirits like its own. Though, above all, it wishes to be content with the conscience and soul to which it belongs. This is the spirit’s home. It dwells somewhere within. Never forget that the spirit of self attracts energies and repels unlike energies; this is its very essence. Spirit is ultimately influenced by actions and thoughts and by all spiritual and supernatural energies it meets, for better or for worse.

Nothing can separate your own conscience, spirit, or soul—no power, no love, no depth, and no will can. They are forever ones, and they will always be yours. Only you can decide how strong and energetic your spirit will become as a result of all that is spiritually pure. No matter what you have ever been told, you are the only one who has total authority over your own life force. No power or force that exists in the darkness can possess or control your own spirit or soul, except you and you alone. It is yours, and it will always be a part of who you are. Unless, of course, you temporarily believe something that is not the truth, then your spirit can become a prisoner of something other than the truth or a victim of a stronger force. Even then, your soul remains yours, but you are a prisoner or slave due to a lack of control. One can regain authority by gaining spiritual strength and surrendering to all that is holy. You alone are the only one who has ultimate authority over your spirit through your own energy, force, power, and will.

And anything, anyone, or anywhere that is questionable or opposing, do not allow your thoughts to wander there, because they will be influenced by negative forces, and your spirit will follow suit. The spirit of self is directly connected to the energies of self-thought. They are independent and separate, though when joined, they become a force of their own. Negative thoughts attract negative energies and repel positive energies against one's will. This is the nature of supernatural spirits. Your thoughts will not leave your mind, but your spirit can go anywhere and at any time, as it surely does. And it will do it without your knowledge or control. If it goes where it shouldn't, and if the spirit is not strong enough with the union of the Holy Spirit, it can easily become captive. And if the spirit becomes captive, then so can one's thoughts. You don't want to leave your spirit vulnerable without protection. So, teach your thoughts and spirit to be mindful of all that is holy.


Likewise, if self-spirit dwells on all that is holy, it attracts positive forces of influence and blesses all that it meets. It repels all that is negative, and it happens instantly. If thoughts are focused on righteousness, then one can control their thoughts and spirit to the fullest degree; this is total spiritual freedom. This must be accomplished to be able to achieve the kind of spiritual strength that is needed to venture into the holiest of realms. With spiritual growth, determination, prayers, and will, transformation changes the state of mind and the state of spirit to reap blessings and rewards while getting closer to the Holy Spirit.

It is best not to venture into the spiritual unknown until your understanding of good and evil is strong enough. One must be strong enough to walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil, because the Holy Spirit dwells within their soul. And one must be strong enough to stand before Christ and know they did all they could to please him by the way they lived their lives. Do not let life pass you by without learning the truths of good and evil. If one is blinded by the light and darkness now, they will be blinded when they get to the other side. Trust me, you don’t want to be blinded over there. You must understand the truths and the lies before you can move further into the heavens, even closer towards the brightest and holiest light of them all. There will be much to learn along the way; after all, that is the purpose of everlasting life. So, prepare yourself now for the future that is coming.

Enough of that for now; we’ll get back to that later. Let’s get back to spirit. Your spirit is a part of your total entity and is never apart. When it's time to leave this world, the combinations of the conditions of your conscience, your spirit, and your soul are what determine where in the heavenly realms you will go. It's not where you want to go; it's where you deserve to go, to where your spirit and soul are already joined. That's where it's been living outside of itself; that’s where it belongs. Yes, you are a part of the great force that constitutes the corporeal universe and the spiritual realms, and you have the gift of life as well as the gift of free will to choose what is most important to you. So, prepare to live within heavenly dimensions of all that is holy, because life continues beyond this world, just as Jesus told us. Never doubt or question the promises of our Holy Lord; that alone is enough to stop or slow down one’s spiritual growth.

You consist of both spiritual and physical matter. Just as matter has mass, the spiritual being that is you is entirely made up of spiritual energy. Your existence, your life force, is a combination of consciousness, a living soul, and a living spirit. And because we are a spiritual force, our forces are automatically joined with other energies, forces, and powers. This is just a fact of one's own spiritual life that cannot and will not ever change. You choose everything that your spirit connects with based on your own values and morals. For better or worse, we are both a part of and separate from all of creation, influenced by either light or darkness. If one is influenced by both, when you enter the afterlife, you cannot take your darkness into the realms of light. There is no middle ground; they both have their own orders and cannot deviate from them. The darkness will never let you see its true color but will hide behind a light of its own. It will convince you that its wonders and miracles are the only truth that matters most. Without the Holy Spirit living inside your heart and your soul, you will be fooled, and the light of darkness will lead you into despair, while the light of the Holy Spirit always shares and reveals all the hidden truths of all that is light and all that is dark.

As for spirit and the spiritual, which all exist outside all that is of self, everything that is tangible in this material world that we live in and in all that is in the universe that exists consists of spiritual matter as well. Which means that all creation is both material in one form or another and spiritual in one form or another. For those who live in the spirit and do not doubt, the tangible and the spiritual are one and the same. As Christians, we can easily accept this truth without doubt because Christ and the prophets proved it to us when they were living on Earth. We are blessed to be of body and spirit both, to be one with all of God's creation. For all that you are is also all that is made of the heavens; for you are a piece of it all, and God loves you so very much, longing for you to discover his truths.

Now that you know how important it is to have total control over your thoughts and spirit, this will help with the conditioning and strengthening of your faith. These forces are just a few of many that are one's gifts of life and must be strong for any successful spiritual journey. We have taken only the first steps in preparing for our excursion. And for all that your spirit yearns for, you must learn about all the powers and forces of the heavens so that you will not lack knowledge or strength. Just get yourself together and ask Jesus to teach you, and he will reveal everything. Give it time, for soon you will learn what lies on the other side, and your spiritual awareness will begin to flourish and guide you into all that is spiritually unknown.