Spiritual words that comfort and bless the spirit and soul

Next to each title is its chronological number in my book, Anthology, and a brief introduction.

Spiritual Growth 176

Life is a journey to gain spiritual awareness and spiritual growth. For those who yearn for answers, seek until they find the truth. For those who are determined and persistent, all answers are revealed eventually. Once discovered, new spiritual awakenings occur. This is how faith and spiritual growth work. Spiritual awakenings are revelations that come with their own blessings to learn from, which elevate faith and allow one to spiritually advance. It is the never-ending spiritual journey and purpose of eternal life to gain knowledge of God. If we want to grow in faith, we must put in the effort that comes from diligence to succeed. With diligence, we learn the right things that we must do to get closer to the Holy Spirit. We are here in this world to learn all that we can to prepare ourselves for where our spirit and soul are destined to go. Spiritual growth happens when we learn about spiritual truths. One must know that not all spiritual and supernatural truths are truths of God. There are countless spiritual truths that oppose God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Learn to listen to your spirit and soul, and you will not be fooled.

The truth of Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God shares its answers with all who yearn for their love. Learning about spirit, soul, faith, hope, and truth comes quickly and easily because they are five of the most powerful powers that rule over and above all. Learn to listen to your spirit and soul and never doubt what they share. Just take it one little step at a time. The mysteries that spirit and soul need to reveal only come when unconditional love and unwavering faith are fully understood. This is how the rules are all laid out from the heavens above, without question or doubt. Faith and love come from the heart. The mysteries of the spirit and soul are of all that touches the heavens and God. All that matters for now is that one knows these truths. The blessing to gain these truths is through the Holy Spirit of God, which does lead one closer to where they truly belong. The will to persevere is found in love, and the drive to succeed is a most desired spiritual need. And hope will lead one along the way. Stay strong; desire the strength to achieve victory to glorify the son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Spiritual growth elevates faith, allowing closeness to God

Show Me All That Is Necessary 115

I read the words of the holy scripture that I must learn from to get to where I am destined to go. I intensely search for the answers that lie within each one of them to get me prepared for that inevitable crossing over. I see the doors that are slowly being opened, showing me that I must spiritually succeed to ever be able to venture across their thresholds. The doors remain open, so that I can see glimpses of all that lies on the other side. And always revealing two possibilities: visions of success and visions of failure. Now I know it's time to get serious about my future. My days here are numbered, and I don't know if I will have to leave tomorrow or the next day, though I know it will be soon. I know that life goes by fast, and there is not much time left for me to figure it all out. I'm the type that needs an ultimate plan, because if I don't have one, I will get sidetracked and lost, like I have so many times before. So every day left is a gift to get my mind, body, spirit, and soul ready for all that lies ahead. "So, I ask you, my Holy Lord, to always shine your light for me to follow, so that I will not get lost again. You know my weaknesses better than I do. Lift me up, Lord; I need your strength. To your glory, power, and majesty, I surrender all that is in my living soul. I love you so very much, Jesus; please allow me to be fully prepared for all that lies beyond where I am destined to go."

Living Soul 107

I don't assume that a living soul consists of power and light. I know that it does because I have been shown the proof. Through continual prayer that did not waiver, I was granted the most excellent view—a glimpse into my own soul. The soul is a miracle of its own; there are no words that can describe its wonders. We each have a piece of heaven that is eternal and true. The soul consists of many supernatural forces that are not of this world; they are of the heavenly and celestial, and they all belong to ourselves. It took a lot of prayer, hope, determination, and persistence to prepare myself for this first encounter. I looked deep within myself; it was there that my awareness entered the most secret and sacred place that lies hidden within. And sooner than later, each will get to cross, or have to cross, that spiritual line that exists within life to look inside their own soul as well. When this happens, each begins their own mission to find the reasons and answers for it all. Which brings more questions than answers because the elements of the living soul are undeniably surreal. It opens one's eyes to the truths of life and elevates faith to the next level. I have always believed in the soul's supernatural fact of life, and now my hope has been confirmed by its realities.

"Thank you for allowing me to look inside my spirit and my soul; now I understand what makes them what they are: connections to all that is your own. Now I know how the soul works with the self to create a force that cannot be denied. Thank you for showing my faith in it all; now I know the bond that we share can never be broken. Living in your Holy Spirit redefines reality to the fullest degree, to the point where nothing else matters anymore except for all that is your own. Living in your love has taught me that learning about the light of a living soul is one of the everlasting plans for life".

Set Your Spirit Free 150

Everyone who teaches the spirit of the holy gets blessed by all the spirits of the heavens. If one teaches their spirit of goodness, their spirit is content and shares all that is celestial. If one does not teach their spirit to be grounded in righteousness, their spirit will seek alternate destinations for gratification and will not know the difference between fallacies and truths. Self-spirit thrives on constant communication and attention. Without one's own acknowledgment, it seeks companionship somewhere else. So bless your own spirit with much love. Learning and conditioning one's spirit is a continual journey that brings strengths and rewards. Spiritual awareness is about constant and gradual change to prepare for a prosperous spiritual life, both in this world and the next. And because of this, truths change as spiritual awareness matures. The more one learns, the more that is revealed, and with revelation, transformation occurs, allowing the spirit to touch the heavens.

Everyone’s spirit is uniquely individual, with different qualities and capabilities all of its own. You and your spirit are a team; learn together and bless each other to enjoy bliss. Learning about the spiritual is a never-ending journey; it is the greatest purpose of life. Do not build walls around your spirit, which will separate you from all outside spiritual realities. All the strength that you will ever need lives inside your spirit and soul; just ask for help from our Lord, and you will begin to take total control. That is why the walls that we have built around our hearts and our spirits for protection must be knocked down to learn how to build strengths. We must face our weaknesses head-on in order to get strong. Knock down those walls that you have built that you think are keeping you safe, because they are not; they are only keeping you contained. They are not protecting anything; they are only limiting the growth of your new-found faith. Your faith wants to bless all that is yours, though your faith must be free to receive communication from all that lies above. Set your spirit free, and you will see that it is the greatest freedom ever known.

Keep On Trying 170

I never gave up, and I still keep trying to get as close as possible to the Holy Spirit. Faith is where the distance exists. This kind of distance isn’t measured with lengths; this kind of distance is measured with strengths. I know that he already lives inside me, and I know that I already live inside him. And I also know that there is so much more I have to learn to advance. So, I will keep persisting with diligence to be able to fulfill my spiritual destiny. And every time a valuable lesson is learned, another one is prepared to keep leading me along this journey. Every lesson is built on the success of the last; without success, I cannot advance. As each truth is revealed through faith, even more awareness is gained. This is how the Holy Spirit reveals truth to all who yearn to do his will. This is how spiritual awareness grows to make a faith strong. Do not slow spiritual growth down through weakness or doubt. Trust in the Lord, and you will always prevail. One is always capable of moving forward to fulfill their own spiritual destinies. If one doesn’t give up and keeps on trying, they will surely be blessed to achieve many wonderful spiritual accomplishments.

Inner Peace 205

"Thank you for the inner peace that your Holy Spirit gives; you fulfill my entirety. My emotions overjoy in your passion and exist to praise your glory alone. There isn’t any other love powerful enough to transform me like yours does. Just the thought of you intensifies my faith. You cause my spirit to soar higher and farther than it has ever been. Through you, I stand strong enough on spiritual ground to not be shaken anymore. And when the opposing forces attempt to take me down, like they often do, they quickly reject me because they know I belong to you. You have taught me well about strength—to be joined with all that is your own. And as our bond gets stronger, the love that you share brings unimaginable awe, as my faith in your love continually escalates. Every day is a blessing to feel your mercy and grace, which anoint my soul. And I pray that my praise for your glory will continue to mature so that I may learn to glorify you in ways that I wasn't capable of before. I hope and pray that this is what I am destined to do. I know that as my faith grows in your love, my eyes will be opened to many more answers and many more reasons for your living truths. This is what my soul was created for—to always live inside your love.

Thank you for allowing me to learn about my spirit. Now I am better prepared for all that is ahead. Thank you for all the many blessings; they will not be given in vain. I plan on doing whatever it takes so that you are proud of me. Thank you for letting me learn of all that is invisible that my faith cannot conceive of, to prepare myself for all that lies on the other side. Thank you for allowing me to learn to keep peace and love alive while fighting battles with the opposing and questionable. Now I know this inner peace, which dwells within my thoughts, my spirit, and my soul, is here to stay because of you. Where all that is spiritual and corporeal join together as one definition without separation to proclaim Your Majesty."

Spiritual Winds 265

There are two kinds of spirits: those that bless and those that do not. I feel the positive spiritual winds trying hard to fuel my fire, and I feel the negative ones trying hard to put out my flame. Once you learn about spirits, you will never be fooled, tossed, or lost again. I found the strength I needed to overcome and rise above through Jesus Christ alone. And now that everything is calm in the spiritual winds that my spirit has touched since my awakening, it has turned my life around. Much is being rearranged to accommodate the change occurring now that I am seeing everything for what it really is. I finally understand that the Holy Spirit has been patiently waiting for me to realize that life is not a game of win or lose, but of life or death. I have finally learned how to bless and be blessed. The spiritual winds are finally blowing for me, not against me anymore; they have become my friends. I have been relaxed enough to just sit and listen to the silent movement that is their own. They do not blow; they are not pushed or pulled; they only respond with or without resistance if they must. They are much like my own spirit; they do not push or pull; they only react while always waiting for calm.

Many souls have come and gone, being tossed with the spiritual winds, never having a clue what the meaning and purpose of their lives are. Not being able to stand their own ground, not being able to move their spiritual selves closer towards the Holy Spirit’s comforting touch, only because they didn’t take the conditions of their own spirit and soul most seriously. Only because they didn’t learn that the Holy Scriptures are the very words of God for the purpose of all that exists and for the definition and purpose of life. May God bless them all to find his mercy and love.

Self-Spirit 267

Individual thoughts and the condition of one's spirit are directly connected. They are each independent of each other; each has its own purpose, though they are dependent on each other to define the overall life force. The two work together in harmony for better or in disarray for worse. One’s thoughts determine influence on the condition of one's spirit, just as the condition of one's spirit determines influence on one's thoughts. It all begins by evaluating and prioritizing emotions, desires, passions, and faith for results. Know that to have a positive influence alone is sometimes impossible; sometimes we need divine help from the Lord.

To control one's own thoughts is to be capable of controlling one’s own spirit. If one cannot control their own thoughts, then one is incapable of controlling their own spirit, and vice versa. One’s thoughts determine all that they are being influenced by, and of all that they are influencing, it is the spiritual. This is very important to recognize and, once recognized, to begin spiritual conditioning for spiritual growth. The spirit of self is in constant union or separation with all that the spiritual defines. It’s all about spiritually prioritizing all that is of value to oneself and understanding that all that exists in the spiritual is already governed by authorities in every possible form. One cannot make up their own rules concerning the spiritual realms; one can only learn to oblige.

Abounding Hope 538

I have surrendered to a new abounding hope that has awakened within, which generates intense faith exceeding its previous extremes. It yearns for companionship to bless and be blessed. It rejoices in the attention of all that share the same and basks in tranquility with its new-found strength. It is abounding hope that bonds together with unwavering faith and unconditional love to form a union within the soul, creating one force that is capable of reaching the highest of all heavens. It reaches out confidently, knowing that it is recognized, and it praises and glorifies wholeheartedly. This hope is being nourished by the Holy Spirit, with the anticipation of becoming one with him. My hope is absorbed with adoration, which I pray will continually grow.

The more my hope yearns to adhere, the more transformation occurs. I have learned that spiritual answers don’t always come easy; sometimes spiritual gain takes earnest devotion to achieve. With my overachievement, my hope has taught me to see through the veil, and with every glimpse that becomes clearer, I strive even more vigorously. And the more I see, the more is revealed to be learned. I have learned that my life is a journey of spiritual growth to learn of hopes and truths to partake in the Holy Spirit’s will. And the more I learn, the more I want to know. Hope's truths are lessons that are revealed by a sequence that is all-encompassing on all spiritual levels to bring insight into the Holy Spirit’s everlasting light. This hope confirms my love for all that is of his own, which has taken my conscience to the next level, changing my very spirit and soul.