Guardian angels of light and love from above

Are present everyday in our lives

Angel From Christ Image

With angels present, we can learn about the reality of our supernatural world

There are angels that are present in this world and are near us as we are living our lives. They don't watch us, and they don't know what we are doing at any given time, though they know when they are needed to intercede. They are here to protect us or to assist us in some way in fulfilling our future destinies. Everyone has their own God given plan. If we spiritually succeed, we bless the angels that are closest, and then we get blessed back in return. Just as miracles of faith work, so does divine intervention in times of need. As one spiritually advances or declines, the energies that are connected to oneself change vibrations and frequencies, and thus do one's closest angels, for better or for worse. Therefore, when spiritual growth goes through different stages, the angels that are currently closest are most likely to change. Relationships with angels are never personal for them, and they should never be for us either. Even though we are here for them, just as much as they are here for us, it's a spiritual relationship that has everything to do with the evolution of the heavenly. It's not about us personally; it's about the light that we possess because of the bond that we share. What we are both here for is to learn about all that gets accomplished when blessings are given and shared. It's about getting spiritually educated to become one with the holiest of lights. It's about getting prepared for all that lies ahead. It's about having faith in everything holy and true to always have your back, and for them to always have yours. It's about going to spiritual war with the best and the brightest by your side. It's about belonging to a team that can count on you for anything that needs to be done when the time comes and about having goals in life that will bring us closer to all that is heavenly. The closer one gets, the more intercession takes place. Never doubt miracles or revelations. An angel will not abandon you, but they will not waste their time. You will learn, sooner or later, that you and your angels are a team in this spiritual battlefield world where we are temporarily joined. 

Angels are just as alive and real, and tangible as we are, though have been educated in all that is divine. They have physical senses and capabilities, just as they have supernatural senses and capabilities. They want us to learn that spiritual knowledge and spiritual growth are the two most important reasons for our brief time here on Earth. Angels have every physical quality we have, though as angels, their physical is only an aspect of their truest identity; which is of the very essence of their inner light. This is what we have in common. This is why they are here. Because their essence of light, and our essence of light of soul are exactly the same living light that is of the gift of life that is given to all from God. And because of this, they share a bond with us that will always remain to be true. They want us to learn all the secrets they keep hidden inside, and they will share them all with you if you give them a reason to. They are much older and wiser than us. And because of this, they have a better understanding of what the light of life and light of God are all about? They are here to bless us so that we may not be detoured from discovering the most awesome answers for the meanings of life.

They have supernatural capabilities that humans can only imagine about. They can travel at the speed of light, which causes the illusion of appearing and disappearing. They can temporarily manipulate time to enter earlier or later than the present to perform miracles beforehand. There are many celestial beings from many heavenly realms just outside of Heavens doors; who can come and go between their realities and our own as they choose. They are able to subdue the natural and the supernatural by performing miracles. Our world exists somewhere within reach of their own higher dimensions. Our world exists somewhere very close to Heavens doors. Angels intervene for reasons of our and their destinies. They are here for many reasons; foremost to aid us in learning of the holy light of God. They mostly go unnoticed, though sometimes they are perceived. Most all the time they don’t want to be detected, which they have total control over, though sometimes, on rare occasions for various reasons they reveal themselves to encourage faith.

With angels present, we can learn about the reality of our supernatural world. They are here because they know the potential of our inner light, which is quite similar to their own. Our angels want our faith to always be nourished with all that is holy and true, so that it continues to grow to be able to be joined and compliment the faith of which is of their own. You and your angels are a team; sometimes it takes a team to carry out a plan. They invest in our spiritual journey, if we give them a reason to. When it comes to all that is holy; they are here for us just as much as we are here for them. Angels learn from our experiences, just as we learn from their own. And when we work together with our angels for same cause; is when the impossible becomes achievable. They believe in us just as much as we believe in them. They know that our faith and potential is much like their own. And because we share common interests; we each have our own angels that help us fulfil our lives with greater truths for the love of life, the love of fellowship, and for the love of God.

Angels come and go between Heaven, and our world, and our closest supernatural realms, to intercede for our spiritual needs that we are yet capable of. Their task and hope are that someday we will spiritually mature to be able to enter into those realms where the heavens dwell. This is where we belong, this is where we yearn to be with every part of our soul; in the closest light and love of God. They want us to learn all that we can about all that is holy and divine, so that we are better prepared for greater tasks. In the heavens, there is much work that needs to be done, and the angels can always use a helping hand. For us here and now, this world provides the perfect location to learn about spiritual reality, because it is where every Word of God has come true. Our angels want us to research Holy Scriptures diligently to prepare for the most awesome part of our life that is coming soon; when we enter the heavenly, to be close to our Holy Lord.

Angels are always present when we need them most of all. They know our faith and spirit as well as we do ourselves. Faith and spirit are what allows us to communicate with the heavens and God. Angels are patient, they do not give up on anyone; no matter how hard it gets. They are loyal and always hopeful for one’s virtue to prevail. They will wait a lifetime if they have to; for someone to take Holy Spirit into their soul. And when one does, that one moment alone blesses all the bliss that Heaven contains. And for those of us who already have Holy Spirit living in our soul; they have come to make sure we are continually thriving to spiritually mature.

We bless ourselves and our angels, by the way we live your lives. We don’t have to wait for blessings to be given; we cause them to manifest automatically by all that our faith and spirit does. Faith does not know limits or boundaries; it lives to be free, reaching beyond the bounds of possibilities. This is what angels come to reinforce in our lives. When faith awakens within; it is the ultimate of all highs that spirit and soul adore. This causes the spirit to soar; this is how angels learn how to fly. When one’s God given destiny unfolds right before their very eyes is what the angels are here to witness as well. This is when our angels are overjoyed, for their purpose is being fulfilled. They rejoice every time spiritual awakenings occur. They delight when you are living a life of faith, doing all that is pleasing in the eyes of our Holy Lord.

Angels are the helping hands of Heaven; they provide light in the dark for all who are lost to find their way to comfort and safety. There is always an angel for the moment waiting to intercede when we cry out to our Lord for help. Everyone needs spiritual assistance from time to time moving forward towards spiritual prosperity. Angels are always eager to help; they want us to realize how important and rewarding continual spiritual blessings are for the well-being of entire self. Their presence is only summoned when we are most in need of faith. We know when our spirit and soul are in pain, because that’s not the way they are supposed to be. Stress and pain cause the light that lives inside us to go dim, and the angels can see our light for all that is from where they are. It is just like their own; their light and our light are the breath and light of God.

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