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Spiritual Awakening

I started holymercy.com to share my faith with the world. What qualifies me to write these words of faith for this website and my books? My overwhelming desire and determination to get as close to Holy Spirit as possible. Nothing else matters more to me in this world, or in my life. And the closer I get; the closer I want to become.

The yearning for continual spiritual growth is my constant obsession. My quest in life is to learn as much as possible about the Light of Holy Spirit, and to become one with its all. Now that I have begun to learn what it feels like to have Holy Spirit dwelling within my heart, my spirit and my soul; there isn’t any other power that can compare to the bliss the presence of Holy Spirit gives. Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God which is given to all from Jesus Christ to learn about the mysteries of life. The more one learns; the more that is revealed and the closer one gets to God. This automatically happens through the mystery of faith. This is only one of the many ways spiritual awakenings occur. Anyone can receive Holy Spirit, by earnestly asking for its love to come inside their souls. Once one begins to learn how to communicate with Holy Spirit, is when learning how to perceive the spirit of self occurs. I have come to the conclusion that the definitions of faith, spirit and love are three of the most important powers to learn about. Those powers teach us the reasons for life and about where we are destined to go when we leave this world. We are spirit, and we are soul before anything else.

Spiritual awakenings can come at any time in life. They are easy to receive when sought after. And sometimes they can happen when one least expects. A spiritual awakening is when Holy Spirit comes into conscious, spirit and soul and changes one’s entire outlook on life. When I received my first awakening; I became overwhelmingly filled with the presence of Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is a Power that is so intense; that when felt, one becomes undoubtedly aware that God is the greatest reality of all that exists. Awakenings open natural senses to the supernatural divine. Anyone can have an awakening, and continual awakenings throughout life; all one has to do is ask Holy Spirit to come into their life, and he will. With awakenings comes revelations and reevaluations concerning one’s entire spiritual life.

Remaining close to Holy Spirit allows me to continually achieve gradual spiritual growth; which in turn fuels my fascination for more. Faith in Holy Spirit is the life force that feeds the living soul. It’s all about gradual spiritual growth; from one level of faith to the next. Every day is new day to get closer by learning from the day before. I have learned not to repeat my mistakes. This is a must; to advance spiritually. I am consumed with constant communion and communication with Holy Spirits all. And now, I truly know it doesn't matter if he is a trillion galaxies, or realms, or dimensions away; because through the mystery of faith, his presence is always within myself. He is in me; just as I am in him. There is nothing that separates us. And I am getting closer day by day; by being consumed by his love. I am learning to become the one that he intends me to be. I stand before him, with open arms asking for this intense yearning that dwells within, to continually be transformed. And I know that my pleas are being answered, because with spiritual growth comes overwhelming awareness of his abundant and endless love; which waits patiently, yearning to be found by all.

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