We surrendered our love, life and souls to Christ Jesus

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Dedicating life and love to Holy Spirit; Our Answer

I and my associates started holymercy.com to share our faith with the world. Below is one of our testimonies:

I was living my life, wondering what it was all for? Knowing that there had to be an answer for all the questions that dwelt deep within my heart. I searched the world over; seeking to find the explanations why? I climbed the highest mountains that touch the skies to cry out to God "What is the purpose for my living soul?" I needed the answer to reveal its secrets, so that I can eagerly become a part of it all. After considering every possible reason for the meaning of my life; the only one that would make any kind of sense would have to come from above. After searching the world over to no avail; I looked towards the heavens as I cried, because the void in my soul needed to be filled. It was then that Holy Spirit heard me, and gave me comfort, and opened my eyes to the truth of his reality. This was when my life began to change. I had a God who I knew is alive; Who brings purpose to everything in my life. This was when I began to seek a close relationship with Jesus. And the more I reached for his love, the more I prayed for his Holy Light to consume myself. The more I sought; the more I was being drawn nearer. With Holy Spirit dwelling inside my heart, mind, spirit and soul; I am being transformed into all that he wants me to become. I found out Holy Spirit is the ultimate reason and purpose for my life. His is the only answer that makes any sense. He fills my heart and soul full of his love. He is the living Eternal Truth. Only through him will I ever learn what the greatest mysteries of life are all about? Only through him will I ever find out the true reasons for eternal life? I am a product of his love, and so are we all. To have an awakening, we just need to tap into his love, his power and his truths. Now I know what my soul was created for. This was my plan all along, even before I ever knew I had a plan at all. He is the Answer, and living in his love is where I will always belong.

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About Us

We are committed to an outreach program offering free confidential spiritual advice and prayer requests to anyone in need of support. Please feel free to reach out to us with any concerns. We look forward to helping and sharing all that we have learned to help keep you focused, informed and spiritually strong. All praise and glory to our Savior Lord Christ Jesus for salvation, redemption, and loving Holy Spirit; who is our incarnation of Almighty God. Who will forever reign over and above all; Hallelujah, Amen.

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