Heaven and Earth are joined by spirit, as are all spiritual realms

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This little blue world that we live in is not only tangible; it is also spiritual and supernatural. Though that doesn't mean that we are all living in the same spiritual world, because we are all not, we are each on our own individual spiritual levels. The spiritual realms are all on different levels. And the level of faith in oneself determines the relam, or realms, one is connected with in spirit. We share these realms with others who are of like-minded faith. We each live within our own individual spiritual realities, and there are countless individual and communal spiritual extremes that exist. Everything that exists in the universe contains spiritual and supernatural qualities. There are supernatural realms that exist within our world and many that are closest to its vicinity. They are also referred to as spiritual levels, depending on how close or far they are to God and how close or far they are to one's spirit and soul. Heaven and all realms are linked to this world that we live in. All are connected within the spiritual, which coexists within all that is within reach of the light of God. It's not about distance; it's about the quality and quantity of faith in each individual. This little blue world we temporarily call home was created for many reasons, though one of the most important is for us to learn where it resides within the spiritual realms.

In this world, our daily spiritual condition is determined by our spiritual journey and by what we do with the faith we learn about. For revelation to occur, one must be in search of spiritual truths. And as faith grows, the more spiritual and supernatural facts of life we learn about, until eventually it all begins to make sense. Spiritual realms can be defined only by the faith of the one who experiences them. These revelations are freely given to all to learn from once one's faith elevates to see the hidden truths. The spiritual and supernatural realms contain the entire universe, just as the universe contains the spiritual realms. Therefore, because we each have our own individual faith, we each experience our own spiritual and supernatural experiences and revelations in our own individual ways.

When it comes to this little blue world that we share, it shares the same space and time with all the spiritual realms that are closest to it, just like our conscience and body share the same space and time with our own spirit and soul. It's all about continual spiritual learning as faith grows to recognize the truths of how they are joined. If we do nothing for spiritual growth, we cannot spiritually advance to reach the next level of maturity. Spiritual growth is an educational process built on levels, and depending on what level one is at, that is all that determines the next spiritual level one advances to. And then, eventually, when it comes time to leave this world, the level of faith that we have attained is considered as to where within the spiritual realms one is destined to go when our conscience, spirit, and soul are ready to go to a higher level. We know we have to eventually leave, and we all want to get to Heaven, though without learning the truths of Holy Scripture, one can easily get detoured or lost along the way by believing truths that are not of God and not knowing their lack of faith has led them astray. The truth is easily found in communion and communication with the Holy Spirit, and the truth will set you free. And once found, faith, spirit, and soul become joined to allow all that is hidden to be seen. The truth shows us the direction we must follow to find ultimate spiritual prosperity. Truth alone is a power all to itself, and once found, it shares its powers for strength and bonds that continuously form and grow.

We live in a terrestrial world that is also celestial. All that is capable of being seen is only a glimpse of much greater truths that anticipate your union through spirit with their own. The celestial wants to share all of its love and all of its secrets with you. All one has to do to reap their blessings is raise their faith to their own spiritual level. This is our ultimate goal: to prepare ourselves to leave this world. This is where the spiritual realms begin to trust you. Between Earth and Heaven, there are countless spiritual and heavenly realms that exist where many life forms live. These are their homes. Some have been there since the beginning of time as we know it. Some were sent there to reap spiritual blessings. And some went there when their souls left this world. Just know that there is a spiritual hierarchy that lies between Earth and Heaven. And just know that outside of Earth and Heaven, there is also another hierarchy that exists between Earth and hell. And the realms are just as real and tangible as the Earth. They exist beyond our own awareness of their dimensions, though they are nearby. The people that live there are alive, just like us, and consist of mass and matter similar to our own, though with different qualities of supernatural realities. It varies in each realm, though the closer it is to Heaven, the more overwhelmingly awesome it becomes.

All spiritual realms contain different qualities and quantities of both light and darkness.

How many heavenly and spiritual realms are there? No one knows, except God. There could be as many as there are stars. What I do know is that each of them has different extremes in both the powers of light and darkness. In Heaven, there is no darkness, just as in hell, there is no light. And the closer the realms are to Heaven, the more light there is. And the closer the realms are to hell, the more darkness there is. And between Heaven and hell is where all spiritual and heavenly realms exist, including this world, which is our current home.

Each and every realm is completely different. Each has its own spirits, powers, and authorities. In each of these realms, if one believes in the light as their ultimate authority, they will not be affected by darkness. And in each of the other realms, if one believes in darkness as their ultimate authority, they will not be affected by light. And then there are realms like this one that we currently live in, where both light and darkness exist and everything is separated by spirits, forces, powers, and authorities. Where they are divided, and each side is united in their division. All that exists in darkness avoids the light, and all that exists in light avoids the darkness. Each is ruled by different laws of nature and supernatural truths. There are two kinds of followers: those who believe that God is the living light, the ultimate authority, who has complete control over their lives, and those who do not. And then there are those who refuse to believe that God has ultimate control and who are friends with the darkness. And then there are those who do not know the definitions of either spiritual light or spiritual darkness. Acknowledging that one is spiritual means having to choose between being loyal to the light or the darkness. And because we are of this world, we are blessed to be able to distinguish their differences and get assistance from higher heavenly powers for strength to endure and to learn how to grow spiritually, bringing us closer to both Heaven and God.

Routes, doors, and portals to enter or exit the spiritual realms

As there are routes to take in this world to get to various locations, there are paths to take in all spiritual and heavenly realms. There are routes, doors, or portals that connect each and every domain. And the keys that open the passageways come from the spiritual strength within. Faith, love, hope, and truth are only four of the strongest forces, which are also keys to gaining entrance to or exiting the spiritual and heavenly realms. In its most basic form, through the mystery of faith, this is how easily divine intervention and prayers work; we are directly connected to Heaven through our unwavering hope. When faith is involved, the spirit of self is capable of unimaginable abilities.

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