A soldier of light vows their life to the truth and love of God

Soldier of Light Wearing the Spiritual Armor of God: Image

2 Corinthians 10:4-5

The weapons we fight with are not of this world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

For a soldier, when it comes to the power of faith, of light, and of love, their strength comes from the word of Holy Scripture, which is the essence of their armor of God and their living soul. Therefore, a soldier of the light learns to stand their ground and protect all that their love and faith stand for when being opposed. Thus, learning that this little blue world that we temporarily call home lies within the center of all heavenly realms of light and all spiritual realms of darkness. A soldier of light learns how to stand strong and firm. So, the battles become far and few. And if and when, very rarely, any spiritual force or power tries to intrude on or penetrate the spirit that is their own, this is where and when they excel. Foremost, their armor of God is defined by the word of God in their strengths and their will. A soldier of light is a soldier of Christ who knows exactly what their soul was created for. Each soldier of the light is on their own individual spiritual level, and all strive to advance to the next. Just like any other skill in life, there is always something new to learn. And a soldier of light knows that when it comes to battle, knowledge of Holy Scripture is a matter of life or death.

And the mystery of all that a soldier of light beholds can easily be found within the greatest treasures of all, within the mystery of the spirit and the soul of self. Where knowledge is shared and truths are discovered through faith in God. And through Christ and with Christ, all the answers that are needed are revealed. For those who yearn for spiritual strength and humbly look towards Heaven, all answers will be shared. A soldier of the light of Christ knows that learning to understand the mysteries of the heavens and the mysteries of all heavenly and spiritual realms is a quest that they were born to pursue. Be patient and persistent with faith and love, and all answers will be revealed because of your determination and your will.

A soldier possesses and blesses all that is truth in the words of God and opposes all the forces of darkness. Spiritual light and darkness are two of the most important spiritual facts of life that define spirits and souls energy forces. Everyone has their own unique energy that they are destined to learn about. One way or the other, for control or lack, for better or worse. This little blue world we live in is somehow connected, with endless extremes of both light and darkness. Only God knows the depth of it all. And we are all here to learn these truths. We can only obey his truths and his will, because any power of light other than his own cannot even dare compare to the ultimate power he beholds. As for now, let's begin with the basics and just concern ourselves with what the faith of a soldier of light in this world is about and how getting closer to God is their ultimate priority.

Being a Christian is about learning how to become a soldier of light. This is where it all begins: Being a Christian requires learning how to get spiritually strong enough to gain victory over all weaknesses occurring within desires and thoughts; the strength to prevail always begins within, and then with help from above. If one stays strong, they will surely overcome, and new spiritual answers will always be revealed. Which are the blessings of determination and success? In the spiritual realms, thoughts do command spiritual and physical well-being, which means striving to eliminate all questionable thoughts and actions that may be opposed to the Holy Spirit. I know it seems impossible to rid oneself of bad habits, but with determination to reap spiritual rewards and earnest prayers, gradual change and spiritual growth occur. To find out what needs to be changed, all one has to do is ask themselves, "Would I want to think this thought or do this activity in the presence of Heaven and God?" If the answer is "no," then it's time to start making some changes. Once the changes are made, the self-spirit automatically gets stronger connections to the heavenly. Change is a vital part of spiritual growth, and spiritual growth is one of the most important purposes of everlasting life. Constant and gradual change is exactly what is needed for ultimate spiritual prosperity and continual spiritual strength to grow. With self-discipline and the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of one's heart and soul, thorough knowledge of the Gospel of Christ, and vowing our lives to our Lord's will, salvation and redemption are secure, and the battles between good and evil become far and few. To have a strong armor of God and be a soldier for Christ, one must adhere to these words.

A Christian knows there won’t just be battles inside of oneself, but also spiritual battles outside of oneself concerning opposing and questionable energies, forces, and powers from within this world that are connected to other realms and dimensions. The strong will recognize these for what they are, though those with less strength will not know they are being targeted by the adversaries of the divine. Battles concerning questionable spirits are avoidable if one has their own spirit under control. If one does, they cannot ever be attacked or tempted, and if darkness tries to manipulate the strong-willed, they will not succeed and leave them be. Only the weak and the uninformed will be vulnerable. Understand that every single thought one possesses contains spiritual energy all on its own. Thoughts cannot be opposed to holiness. One single thought that is of negative energy can corrupt all thoughts that are positive. Positive thoughts increase blessings, while negative thoughts diminish blessings. This is very important to understand for optimum spiritual growth to occur. Every single thought simultaneously influences the condition of the spirit of self; this is how spirits work. You, yourself alone, have ultimate influence and ultimate control over all that you and your spirit will become. Thoughts and emotions reflect the spirit of the self. This is a fact of one’s own spiritual life. For Christians, it’s time to get ready and begin to prepare one’s spiritual self to meet face-to-face with Jesus Christ. In reality, a Christian is already standing in his presence by the definition of faith. He knows everything we think and everything we do. He is the very son of God himself. Even though he loves us with all of his heart, it is up to us to discipline our spirits and do the work that needs to be done to get strong. We bless ourselves through the strength of our faith; those who persist will prevail.

The Holy Spirit's divine force flows from Heaven to all who yearn the love

It flows endlessly into the hearts of those who yearn for it; it is freely given to all to receive. A soldier of Christ knows that through faith, the Holy Spirit penetrates the mind, the spirit, and the soul. Be weary of those who deny this truth, and encourage those who are curious.

Everything in our world consists of invisible energies, forces, and powers, over which authority has ultimate control. You are standing in the middle of a battlefield where spiritual warfare is raging at this very moment. It's because our world shares space and time with multiple dimensions, and those dimensions are the outermost regions of both Heaven and Hell. There are ultimately only two sides to choose from: the light or the darkness. There is no middle ground; there never was and there will never be one. This is the truth and a fact of spiritual life for each one of us who was born into this world. With or without your awareness of this conflict, your very conscience, spirit, and soul are being fought over for control. And depending on which side one sways, so is one’s source of influence. That's why spiritual control of oneself is so important, because if you don't know how to control your spirit, something or someone else will. Look around before it’s too late and prepare for the inevitable.

Take your stand now. Choose to take total control over your own force of life and your fate. Do not let opposing forces take you down or try to control you. If you take a stand, then from your mistakes and weaknesses, you will learn all that it takes to become strong. Upon any outside intrusion, the opposition will not let up while trying to break your spirit. Do not doubt the strength of your faith in the Divine. With the Holy Spirit inside you, you have the upper hand. Do not try to fight them head-on; fight them through the name of Jesus Christ, and they will flee. The closer one gets to the light of Jesus, the more questionable and opposing spirits swiftly turn away. Listen to the silent intuitions communicating with you within; these are your spirit and your soul letting you know the right thing to do. Recognize this truth for what it is, and your thoughts, spirit, and soul will be joined and work as a team, and your destiny will be revealed. When you walk in the light of our Lord, you will be taught lesson by lesson all that you will ever need to know. You do control your own destiny; do not doubt it, or your destiny will end up being spoils for the armed foe. All that determines this outcome is the condition of faith and spirit. If faith and spirit are strong, then nothing can stand in your way. For the spiritually blind shall only fall as victims of their own, and the spiritually weak shall fall as victims due to a lack of knowledge of powers under their control.

A soldier always knows which side of the battlefield they are fighting for. They are not blinded by the darkness, by the light that is of darkness, or by the light of holiness when the battles began to get out of control. Because they have learned that their instincts, their intuitions, and their gut feelings are their way of communicating with spirit and soul, they are teaching their thoughts and their faith spiritual truths. There’s never second-guessing, doubting, or hesitating when the Holy Spirit is literally alive and living within them. A soldier can never be tricked or fooled by the light of darkness because they have become part of the light of God and have been trained in the holy light of Christ.

The life of a soldier isn’t always easy, though it does have its benefits. Once one learns the truths about their armor and light, it becomes their only reality. A soldier relies on the entirety of God's armor, which is the very essence of the light of Christ. To learn about its strengths, one must learn about the truths of salvation. A soldier only fights when needed to defend and always wins. Though they always know that maybe eventually their time will come to lay down their lives, they know that their sacrifice will not be in vain. They know that their living soul is everlasting and that they will fight again someday, knowing that even in the beyond, the battles don’t end within the heavenly realm for control and dominance of authority. A soldier knows their calling, and every call is another opportunity to glorify their Holy Lord with all of their strength. A soldier knows where the battle lines are drawn and never questions or doubts the reasons why.

A soldier is always prepared for the worst, though he always hopes for the best. A soldier doesn't like to fight, unless they must. A soldier has unwavering faith that never fails, even when death is knocking at their door. In spiritual battle, in the line of fire, one cannot make up any of their own rules, though one can only oblige to everlasting truths for victory to occur. A soldier learns the reality concerning what the big spiritual controversies are all about. From awareness come questions, and from questions come answers from scriptural truth; from holy answers come spiritual growth; and from growth comes inner strength—the kind of strength that is needed to prevail.

The life of a soldier is a battle to hold one’s spiritual ground for all that is holy and true. If one is not spiritually strong enough to walk into the fire, then one must pray for the strength and the way to learn. I am in Christ, and Christ is in me, which gives me all the strength I will ever need. I know I can overcome every obstacle through his truths alone; strength is in the faith of knowing he always has our backs, no matter how bad it ever gets. Only then there isn’t any opposition, only cooperation, gratitude, and praise. To lift faith above it all is to stand strong without fear. One battle, for better or worse, always leads to the next, until eventually there is a moment of calm. Even then, a soldier always prepares for the conflicts that are sure to come their way.

I am a soldier who knows what my purpose for life is. I am a soldier who knows the Holy Spirit intimately and does not doubt or question any single word of the Holy Scripture. I am a soldier who has been taught to excel by overwhelming persistence and who has been guided by love. I am a soldier who never gives up on any task my Holy Lord wants me to achieve. I always make sure the work is done exactly the way he wants it to be. And I know that he knows; he can count on me for anything. I will fight to uphold and preserve this cause until my dying breath. I will fight to the end; I am not afraid of death, and I know my salvation is secured. I am a living sacrifice for my Savior, whatever it is that I was born to live and die for. For those who accept His everlasting truths, they get to live by those truths forever. It sounds too good to be true, though there isn't anything truer in the world. I am a soldier who understands what our Lord's meaning for life is all about. Nothing else matters, and nothing else makes any more sense. And for everything that is given in life, learn to bless and be blessed. There is only one goal that I have in this life, which is to always prepare myself for all that is coming next, which guarantees the kind of spiritual strength I will need to always succeed.


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