I surrendered my love, life, spirit, and soul to Jesus Christ and God

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I started holymercy.com to share my faith with the world. What qualifies me to write these words of faith? My overwhelming desire and determination to get as close to the Holy Spirit as possible; nothing else matters more to me in this world or in my life. I have learned that the Holy Spirit, as are all spirits, including our own individual spirits, is alive and lives to thrive. I have learned that self-spirit, self-soul, and self-consciousness are three unique gifts of life that define individual life force. And I have learned that the closer I get to the Holy Spirit, the more the reasons for life start to make overwhelming sense. And the more presence that is felt, the more I want to learn and the closer I strive to become. It is my purpose in life that I pray to God in Heaven that never ends.

The yearning for continual spiritual growth is my constant obsession. My quest in life is to learn as much as possible about the light of the Holy Spirit and to become one with it all. Now that I have begun to learn what it feels like to have the Holy Spirit dwelling within my heart, my spirit, and my soul, there isn’t any other power that can compare to the bliss the presence of the Holy Spirit gives. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, which is the greatest and most powerful life force of all. Given to all upon request to learn about the reasons and mysteries of life. The more one learns, the more that is revealed, and the closer one gets to God. This automatically happens through the mystery of faith. This is only one of the many ways spiritual awakenings occur. Anyone can receive the Holy Spirit by earnestly asking for its love, its life, its light, and its power to come inside their hearts and souls and reside there. Once one feels the Holy Spirit come inside, they are spiritually reborn and forever changed because of the overwhelming power Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God contain.

Learning how to perceive one's own spirit and soul occurs once one begins to learn how to communicate with the Holy Spirit. I have concluded that communion and communication with the Holy Spirit are vital before any kind of spiritual growth towards all that is holy can occur. Communication is simple; it comes from the heart with faith and unwavering hope. I have concluded that the definitions of unwaivering faith, knowledge of the spirit of self, awareness of the light of the soul, and knowledge of unconditional love of the heart are four of the most important powers to pray for and learn about for spiritual growth. Each of these powers, which are your own, is waiting to be discovered to teach us their spiritual truths. You are their owner, and you are their keeper, who guides you, blesses you, and protects you. They are yours and will always be yours. Each is waiting to surrender their strengths to you for your faith and strength to grow; they are your desire and your will. They are ours to teach us the ultimate reasons for eternal life and prepare us for our inevitable destiny when we leave this world. Never doubt that you are spirit, that you are soul, and that you are a child of God before anything else.

Your soul is the eternal living light and love of God

Spiritual awakenings can come at any time in life. They are easy to receive when sought after. And sometimes they can happen when one least expects. A spiritual awakening is when the Holy Spirit connects with the conscious mind, the energetic spirit, and the life of the soul and instantly and continually changes one’s entire outlook on life. When someone first receives their first awakening, they instantly know that they are in communion with the Holy Spirit because of the overwhelming presence of his touch. The power of the Holy Spirit is a power that is so intense that, when felt, one becomes undoubtedly aware that God is the greatest reality of all that exists. Awakenings make our natural senses more sensitive to the supernatural and divine. Anyone can have an awakening and continual awakenings throughout life; all one has to do is ask the Holy Spirit to come into their life, and he will. With awakenings come revelations and reevaluations concerning one’s entire spiritual life.

Remaining close to the Holy Spirit allows me to continually achieve gradual spiritual growth. Which in turn fuels my fascination for more. Faith in the Holy Spirit is the life force that feeds and fuels the living soul. It’s all about gradual spiritual growth, from one level of faith to the next. Every day is a new day to get closer by learning from the day before. I have learned not to repeat my mistakes. This is a must to advance spiritually. I am consumed with constant communion with and communication with the Holy Spirit. And now, I truly know it doesn't matter if he is a trillion galaxies, realms, or dimensions away; through the mystery of faith, his presence is always within myself. He is in me, just as I am in him. There is nothing that separates us. And I am getting closer day by day by being consumed by his love. I am learning to become the person that he intends me to be. I stand before him with open arms, asking for this intense yearning that dwells within to be continually transformed. And I know that my pleas are being answered, because with spiritual growth comes an overwhelming awareness of his abundant and endless love, which waits patiently, yearning to be found by all.

I know I am having another spiritual awakening, more intense than the last one. All my senses are completely overwhelmed by the closeness of his presence. His is the only fact of life that makes any sense anymore; nothing else matters after learning of his truths. By faith, I have crossed that line to see beyond the veil, and I long for all that dwells over there. Through him and for him, my strengths continue to grow, which he promises to all who vow to follow their faith that leads towards the brightest of all lights, where his home is.

Spiritual awakenings happen when union with the celestials occurs. It happens with an overwhelming sensation of energy and excitement you've never felt before. It's a life-changing experience that alters one's reality to higher supernatural extremes. Self begins to desire continuous understanding with an irresistible renewal of commitment, confidently determined to learn as much as possible of the divine. One quickly learns that faith is the lifeline to the heavens, and as faith grows, so does the strength of the bond. And as awareness grows, the light of self-awareness shares its realities because it rejoices in becoming one with its higher truth, knowing it belongs to the love that is from above.

There is a time during spiritual growth in faith when one is destined to cross a spiritual line and enter the other side, where all living eternal truths originate. Where enhancing is expressed and blessed with the light of the Holy Spirit, and convictions are put through the fire to get refined. Both situations happen with the crossing, so prepare for all that lies ahead. Your future depends on your strength to prevail. There are many spiritual lessons to learn to be able to stand strong. Each is taught different truths to continue along their own destiny. Through spiritual growth comes spiritual awakenings, and through spiritual awakenings comes even more spiritual growth. They both work together to elevate faith. And with determination, the more frequently. There are many blessings to be given to everyone. The Holy Spirit knows everyone’s weaknesses and strengths; this is how the next spiritual lesson in each person’s life is determined. One could think about spiritual growth as sequential lessons or levels of awareness where one advances to the next only after the last one that was revealed is understood and applied. The Comforter is here now to prepare everyone for a successful and fulfilling spiritual life that leads to a blessed future. Learn to glorify the Holy Spirit with all your heart, soul, and strength for the best results to continue to occur.

Once I became aware of the Holy Spirit inside my heart and soul, I knew my life was meant for only one purpose: to be his alone. I will do whatever he wants me to do. Let his will be done in my life. No matter what I must learn, I will learn all that it takes to please our Lord. And the desire to get as close as possible to him is my mission—yearning and striving with all my strength and will. This is my purpose in life. And knowing that my salvation is secure and that someday I will be there with him is his promise that he gives to all.

Keep the unknown spiritual answers that are known and unknown so far simple. Do not trouble yourself by contemplating the mysteries concerning spiritual questions and presences that cannot be explained. Such is the very definition of faith: to believe without proof in the power and the word of God and to listen to your gut instincts and your intuition. This is how faith works; this is how faith blesses and rewards. This is how faith reveals what is next to learn. We cannot even begin to fathom the divine powers that Father God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit possess. Let alone daring to question them. Our human minds are not capable of grasping the supreme majesty of the Holy Trinity’s omnipotence, or God's ability to do whatever he wills. Omnipresence is God's virtue, by virtue of which he fills the universe in all its parts and is present everywhere at once. And omniscience, God's attribute in which he perfectly and eternally knows everything about the past, present, and future. We must learn not to question faith or the heavens; this is what eternal life reveals.

A spirit so full of innocence, how could it ever be tossed against the spiritual winds? For this must happen at any given time in one’s life to learn between right and wrong concerning spiritual light and spiritual darkness. Something as pure and true as the self-spirit must learn many truths to succeed. Do not worry; this happens to everyone who learns that spirituality is alive, eternal, and true. How could a spirit that was once so full of innocence ever find its way back to where it once was? I found the way to salvation through Jesus Christ, and that is why he came here for everyone else—to receive the same.

These words are full of encouragement for those who can read between the lines. My entire life, I’ve been trying to get to the core of these truths that dwell deep within my heart. Throughout my life, I have been sidetracked from these truths repeatedly. So much time was lost but never really wasted because I was determined to learn. This taught me well—to not judge, to keep my spirit under control, and to never fight unless to defend. I have learned how to forgive and forget. And I will always be learning how to love and be loved. Learning spiritual truths is a process that never ends, and this is only one reason for eternal life.

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5 Incredible Things That Happen When The Holy Spirit Enters You

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Video Transcript

Now who sends the Holy spirit into the heart of each individual Christian? While the Lord Jesus Christ does. He is still at work. From where does the Lord Jesus Christ send the Holy Spirit from? From God the Father and into the heart of every person who God has loved for as long as he has been God. At some time in their life, some while they're children, some while they're teenagers, and some even in old age. The Lord Jesus Christ who is in Heaven sends the Holy Spirit into their hearts from God the Father. And when the Holy Spirit comes into the life of a man, woman, boy, or girl five amazing things happen.

    Firstly, he brings about the new birth. A young man once said to me I cannot understand it, I've been in a Christian home all my life. I've listened to thousands of gospel sermons, attended thousands of church services, and it never meant anything to me. And then one day he says it hit him, and he could see for himself a change began to happen in him. That's the new birth. It's like starting a new life. You came into this world through a natural birth. You go into the spiritual world through a spiritual birth. Jesus said that in John 3:3 very truly I tell you no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again. You see for a natural birth it has to be physical, because you come into the physical world. If you go into the spiritual world it has to be a spiritual birth. Who can bring a spiritual birth? Can you? No, only the Holy Spirit. And people are brought into the spiritual world into the spiritual dimension to see spiritual things and experience spiritual things by a spiritual birth.
    Which Jesus calls being born again, or being born from above. According to John 3:6 that which is born from flesh is flesh. And that which is born from spirit is spirit. And being born again isn't something a man or woman can do for you. Your parents can't do it for you. Your friends can't do it for you. Only the Holy Spirit can bring a person to be born again. And only God the Holy Spirit Himself brings people into the spiritual dimension, into the spiritual world. You cannot even see the kingdom of God. You cannot even see the spiritual world without the works of the Holy Spirit. Which we call the new birth. That's the first thing the Holy Spirit does when he enters you. He gives you the new birth. Secondly the Holy Spirit having come into our lives, into our affections, into our intelligence, into our emotions, into everything that we are. He actually begins to then live within us. Jesus said this to his disciples, He is with you and he shall be in you, and the mark of the true Christian, the mark of a true born-again child of God is that the Holy Spirit dwells in him, or her. And if any man does not have the Spirit of Christ says the Bible, it is because he does not belong to him.

    Now, many of you before you gave your life to Christ, you may have mixed with Christians, and you said to yourself, there's something about him, there's something about her, but you could never put your finger on it, but you didn't have the words, or the language to express exactly what they had. And the truth is that the Holy Spirit is what you saw inside of them, and that's what makes a Christian a Christian; the work of the Holy Spirit. And when he's brought us into the spiritual realm, he does not leave us. He lives inside of us. He dwells in us. To the point where even our bodies are called in the New Testament in 1st Corinthians 6 verse 9. The temples of the Holy Spirit. In the Greek language the shrine of the Holy Spirit, because as you know the temple was a big building, but within a big building there was a holy place. And within the holy place there was a Holy of Holies, and that's the word Paul uses to describe your body, so each and every one of you who's a born-again Christian, you all dwell with the Holy Spirit. God is in you and God is or with you.

    That's why the Bible says, greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world. You have a power inside you which the human mind cannot comprehend. You are more powerful than you think, so each and every one of you who's a born-again Christian you are in dwelt with the Spirit of God, that's number two. Number three: the Holy Spirit enables us to understand the Bible.

    Let's go back to the spiritual world. The Apostle Paul says, the natural man, the unbeliever does not receive the things of the Spirit of God. Of course, he cannot says the Apostle Paul, because they are foolishness to him, because the things of God are spiritually discerned. The Bible is a spiritual book. You can have more degrees than a thermometer and not understand the Bible. You can have the IQ of Albert Einstein and not understand the Bible. Whereas an ordinary Christian who may not be highly educated according to the worldly view can open the Bible and find pleasure to understand it. And to see Jesus Christ in it. How do you explain that? because it's a spiritual book. It is a spiritual world, and if you're going to understand a spiritual book and this handbook of the spiritual world. You have to have spiritual senses and the only person who gives us spiritual senses is the Holy Spirit himself. Which is why you cannot, and must not, and should dare not separate the Bible from prayer.

    Number four: The Holy Spirit gives children of God spiritual experiences. Often when a Christian is reading the Bible, or thinking about the Bible, he's filled with a sense of wonder and awe. He just stops and sits down, or goes for a walk just to admire God. That's what Paul means when he says in Philippians 3 verse 3: For we are the circumcision who worships God in spirit. And this is what Jesus means when he says God is a spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. And sometimes when people think about the cross, they feel their heart is being invaded with running water. So much so, that it begins to overflow with the love of God. The love of God has been poured out into our hearts, writes Paul to the Romans. By the Holy Spirit who has given it to us and sometimes we are filled with the joy. Yes, because the kingdom of God is not a food or drink, but of righteousness and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. And sometimes a Christian can go through tough experiences in life. Experiences that would typically break the average person. Experiences that would make someone want to retreat into their shell, but you’ll find a Christian, you’ll find a child of God will still have the joy of the Lord in those situations, because he's filled with hope from the Holy Spirit. And as the Bible tells us in Romans 15 verse 13, and in Galatians 5 verse 5: That hope comes from where? From who? From him the Holy Spirit.

    Number 5 prayer: The Holy Spirit helps us to pray. Prayer has nothing to do with your words, with your vocabulary. Prayer is not a performance. It is a matter of the heart. All real prayer is in the Holy Spirit and we're told in Scripture that we all have access through the same Lord Jesus Christ by one spirit to the heavenly father. So, every time you have ever prayed and your heart has been in it. It has been a work of the Holy Spirit. Now, the Holy Spirit helps us in five different ways, but today I'm only going to discuss three of those ways. Let's read Romans 8:26: It says, Likewise, the spirit helps us in our weakness, for we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. Firstly, the Holy Spirit literally is my prayer partner. What a wonderful thing to know that you have the Comforter praying with you. The comforter that Jesus sent is praying with you each and every time you pray. To put it in other words, it is like having Jesus sitting right next to you and praying. Just as the disciples had Jesus right next to them when they prayed; you have the Holy Spirit literally holding your hands each and every time you pray.

    Secondly, he intercedes for you, because the Holy Spirit is our prayer partner. He doesn't just join us in prayer. The Spirit prays for us. He prays for me and he prays for you before God. And I believe this is such a wonderful thing, because at points in my life, I needed help. And I believe a lot of the breakthroughs we have are because of this. Because of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. And thirdly, he interprets what I am feeling. The reason why I need help praying is because I have emotions and sometimes our emotions can get in our way when real calamity hits. When you're going through real dark times and you're experiencing extreme pain in your heart in your emotions. Sometimes all that can come out is a groan, or a cry, or a moan and that's when words can't completely express what you are feeling. I believe that some of our biggest breakthroughs in our lives and in our prayer come at these moments, because the Holy Spirit interprets what you are feeling and what you're trying to convey. And he brings it across to God. If you think back to points in your life when you were praying, I am sure at one point or another you felt like you were not alone. And that's because you weren’t. The Holy Spirit was there with you and praying with you.

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