We are supernatural living lights with breath of life in our souls

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Your living soul is the richest of all treasures, waiting patiently for you to discover its powers. The soul is the very core, the very essence, of everlasting life. You are the light of the world; you are radiant, you are wonderful, and you are loved. All the heavens are patiently waiting for you to figure it all out. You don’t need anything else or anything more to learn how to soar to where angels reside. Your soul possesses all the answers concerning the celestials that you will ever need to know about. It will teach you all of its mysteries and lead you to the brightest of all lights. Learn to listen to it carefully to be able to satisfy all of its desires and needs. Give your soul all that it wants, and it will reward you abundantly. Nourish your soul well with the bliss of holiness for its secrets to be revealed. The light of the soul hungers to be fueled by all that is holy and true above all. Trust in all that you are; you are your own living soul before anything else. Your soul is a miracle—the very work of God alone. Look within, and you will see the treasure that you really are; you alone are the most valuable treasure in all the universe. And always remember the first golden rule of the soul: it cannot be questioned or doubted; it can only be accepted through faith to bless all that is of your own that blesses and gets blessed from the heavens above.

What I learned about living light of soul and the Living Light of God

For those who live in the spirit, life is about learning the conditions of the soul to gain strength. As faith grows, so does the awareness of living light, though if faith is not grounded in righteousness, one’s perception can easily be controlled by much that is not. Those who learn about faith learn about light and darkness, and those who do not are blinded by both. Myself, I have become most familiar with the light of the Holy Spirit, which he provides unconditionally to all who yearn. I praise his light with every breath I take, because everything that contains me is his. And because of where my faith has taken me, I believe in his living light above all. The Holy Spirit's living light is the most powerful natural and supernatural light, and it shines its love for all who desire its affection. Our God, our Savior, and the Holy Spirit are the source from which all unconditional love, all eternal light, and all unwaivering hope originate. What one believes to be true about the Living Light of God is truth for oneself when hope does not doubt. His light is an awe-inspiring light that can be seen and felt through faith in all that is his own. His living light is the very essence of the living soul, which is given to all to learn from.

Before attempting to recognize and comprehend the light that is oneself, the light of God must first be recognized. Yes, everyone has their own light of the soul to discover. Only through faith can one be taught all that their light consists of. Once one begins to live for God’s holiest of lights, awareness begins and grows for all spiritual truths. It’s all about learning the strength of faith, and once awareness grows, the invisible living light starts to become visible; this is what living in the Holy Spirit reveals. All who have ever welcomed His Holy Light into their hearts and souls become enlightened, because His is the greatest reality of the very essence of life itself and the most powerful bond with a believer's soul.

Your soul, the eternal gift from God, given to all to learn about the mysteries of faith

Learn to listen to your soul to learn to listen to your spirit. Learn to listen to your spirit to learn to listen to your soul. Only then does one learn how consciousness is a part of the trio that begins the understanding of one's life force. Learn to listen to your trio to learn to listen to your faith. And once each is fully understood, this is when and where the four spiritual forces that are your gift of life begin to learn, for the truest and fullest reasons, what your purposes for life are. This is where you begin to have connection and communication with all that is in your destiny and how and why your faith connects with the heavens above. Your living light is alive. Your gift of a soul is eternal, and it yearns so desperately for you to learn its truths. Time is of the essence to learn as much as you can. If one learns too late, how many of its blessings can be given and shared? Or if one never learns of the truths of the living soul, what does that mean when one has to leave this world? Please do not jeopardize your spiritual future. There are many lessons for each person to learn while they are living their appointed time in this world. Do not let time pass you by; become a part of your spiritual destiny now, and you will be blessed.

The awareness of the light of the soul has changed my entire life. It has given me an undeniable yearning to find all of the spiritual truths that I can. There is so much more I want to learn to be able to spiritually grow now that I have been given a glimpse. I want my Holy Lord to be pleased with me concerning my will to serve him with all of my strength. The awareness of the soul has changed me into a devoted spiritual man; I search for the truth within all. And because of my awakenings, it has blessed me with much that I am just beginning to understand. It doesn’t matter where I go from here; nothing will deter my devotion. I have surrendered my life and soul to always be one in Christ. His living light has so much that it wants to share that nothing else matters to me anymore. Just to stay connected to this divine love that radiates from Heaven is all that I am living for, and I praise my Lord with the deepest of loves that I pray will eternally grow.

The nature of soul is awakened by faith in Christ's love

Our world received his holy light as a testimony to his mercy, so that all of creation will be held accountable for his incarnation. As Christians, we received our salvation from and for his glory. His light radiates through all that is corporeal and supernatural. Through faith in his ascension, the two are no longer separate; they become one. His light touches all that is in creation, which is continually a blessing, just as his mercy and love always do.

Most are unaware that there are supernatural lights that exist amongst us that are just as real as what we understand to be reality. Once anyone takes spirituality seriously, they soon become observant of this truth. Though be aware and beware, this initial awareness is when most get deceived into believing a grand form of supernatural light that is not of holiness. Question all supernatural light by the truth of Holy Scripture, and one will not be misleading. Of all with which I have become most familiar, the Holy Spirit's influences have the highest priority. This is where my faith reaches, and this is where my faith thrives. My faith defines all of who I have become, and my faith defies limitations for growth.

Sometimes other supernatural lights besides your own may be revealed for many different reasons. When this happens, do not doubt what you are seeing, because if you do, it will instantly dissipate. And it will not come back again until you have learned not to question or doubt the unfathomable and the unimaginable concerning spiritual truths and to learn more about never doubting faith. These supernatural lights can illuminate anywhere at any time, directly from their own visible or invisible source. Until one learns to recognize how faith and light coexist, one will not be able to look into the light and communicate with all of it.

When one is blessed by the Holy Spirit, it gives the gift of discernment for all spirits and supernatural light. At this point in faith, doubt doesn't exist anymore; only overwhelming trust lives for the most awesome truths. Know that every supernatural light has a spirit of its own that can be felt. Once one learns to feel and be aware of spirits, the recognition of different spirits of light occurs. Know that the first intuition that one feels from any light is always correct; this is the Holy Spirit communicating with one’s self. If it is questionable, then it most likely is opposing. If one goes against their intuition, they will most likely end up being deceived. Know that supernatural light exists in all that is of creation, though only through spiritual eyes that do not doubt can it be seen. Know that even all that is dark has a supernatural light that belongs to itself. Light does exist in darkness, though darkness cannot exist in light. Though it is most important to understand that there is supernatural light that consists of a spirit of darkness that is not the light of the Holy Spirit, If a Christian does not question each spirit of light, or if one is not strong enough through the faith of the Holy Spirit, they will be deceived by a brilliant light that is not holy without knowing they are blindly being misled.

Do not overthink this. These are very simple and easy truths to understand. Do not be overly alarmed because your faith and your will are all that your spirit possesses. And your spirit is what attracts or repels different varieties of supernatural light. Whatever values one possesses are connected through spirit with the kind of light that is attracted to one's own. As a Christian, do not ponder or worry about these issues because your faith has given you the strength to prevail. Your spirit is the essence of righteousness, which blesses the light of the soul to illuminate and transform it into one with holiness. Ask the Lord to teach you everything concerning the supernatural and spiritual light that you need to know, and he will.

The living light that lives inside of you is your living soul. This is your gift of life, which is meant for all to learn and get to know. This living light will teach you everything that you need to understand concerning this spiritual world and prepare you for the next place your soul will eventually go. Without a doubt, you are from the heavens above; you are a direct descendant of his most awesome love. Now that you are becoming aware of his simplest of truths, bless them for spiritual growth. The light that you possess blesses all that it touches. And as it blesses, it also gets blessed in return. Your living light will always be joined with the Holy Spirit to bless and be blessed by all.

To bless the light that lives inside one's soul, one must continue with undoubted faith and an honest condition of spirit. These unions raise awareness about their unique and awesome content. To fully understand the definition of self-spirit, one must control every thought and desire that one possesses, which have their own spiritual energy. Whether there is negative or positive energy is what determines the condition of the self-spirit and the light of the Holy Spirit that wants to thrive within. Negative and positive energy cannot grow together. They are always in conflict, thus depriving consciousness, spirit, and soul of spiritual growth and awareness of their truths. Once one gets their thoughts in check with holiness, the blessings begin to transform one’s entire being. Then the living light that lives inside one’s self will be revealed and begin to communicate and teach about growth. The light of the self has much that it wants to share. Only through growth can we learn to recognize the mysteries of life; consciousness, spirit, and soul must grow together in faith to reach prosperity.

Understand that along the path of spiritual growth, one must learn about weaknesses and strengths. All must face the questionable and opposing to get stronger. All must learn from their mistakes. When this happens, never give up, no matter what. Pray for strength, and with patience, you will be given the answers to persevere and prevail. After all of the pain that I caused myself, I finally understand that my purpose for life is to learn the truths of the Living Light of the Holy Spirit and to become one with all that is of his own.

"Everlasting Light, you have changed my life, and I thank you for restoring my soul. Thank you for setting my spirit free. Thank you for rescuing me and saving me. With tears of love, I always want to be a part of all that is yours. I love you, my holy Lord, so very much, and I pray that I never get separated from you again. I am so very grateful for your love; it has made me very strong. You are everything to me, and you are all that I am living for. Your light is brighter than the sun. In fact, if every star that exists in all of creation were to join power and light, theirs would be just a spark compared to your own.
     And when the world does crumble beneath my feet, without a doubt, when it all comes as sure as it will, it will not shake me; I won’t tremble, I won’t stumble, and I won’t fall. I will be standing strong and giving praise and glory to your all. My reason for living is to live according to your will, and I thank you, my Lord, for your gift of life. Your love penetrates and consumes my entire being. You are all that I ever needed to make my life complete, and I shout it out into the heavens and into the stars for all of creation to know that I will always be your humble and beloved. And I pray that I will always have your holy light inside my soul. I love you, my Holy Father, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit".

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