Heavenly realms are near, without distance, realized by trust in faith

Within the heavenly realms of light of God

Heavenly realms are in our presence; through faith, we learn how to reach out to where they are. Which lets them know that we know they are there. Which allows them to recognize us for who we really are, which starts a bonding relationship that continues throughout spiritual growth. And creates heavenly connections, thus becoming our allies, friends, teachers, guardians, and companions. The heavenly realms that are closest to our spirits and souls are the ones we are directly connected with. These are the heavenly realms where our hopes, desires, and prayers go to find everything they are yearning for: the answers to the question, What is eternal life? And the need for the eternal love of God. These connections become bonds that must always be treasured, blessed, and never taken for granted for spiritual blessings and spiritual growth to flourish. These are the energies, forces, and powers that connect your consciousness, spirit, and soul directly to all of the heavens that are of God. Between Earth and Heaven, there are many levels of heavenly realms that do exist. And within the heavenly realms closest to the heavenly light of God are where all the greatest eternal powers reside, awaiting our faith to reach out and be joined with them all.

Through faith, the spirit and soul of ourselves do connect with the divine when we reach out with confidence. Through faith, we will each learn everything there is to learn about the heavenly realms and the heavens as our faith grows. What are the heavenly realms? This question is one of the greatest mysteries of faith and facts of spiritual life that only someone from the celestial realms could truly explain. Though for those who have been allowed glimpses beyond the veil, each and every answer is always different. The reason being that we each have our own individual, unique faith; therefore, the possibilities that exist within the heavenly realms are most definitely infinite. This is the way that the power of faith in our living souls in the heavenly realms works. Do not put boundaries or limits on your faith or your love; therefore, always allow for growth. There are infinite truths in the heavenly realms that we are all destined to learn about and from. My quest for these answers concerning the truths of God has led me from here to there, and from there to here. And because I know this is my ultimate purpose in life in this world and the many that are yet to come, I will share with you what has been revealed to me so that you may also open your eyes to the possibilities of their truths.

All that is spiritual is the essence of all that is natural and supranatural. Every single life form, place, or thing that exists in all creation, in all the supranatural heavens, and in all the natural universes contains different quantities and qualities of spirituality. All heavenly realms are spiritual, supernatural realms that are also tangible. These are the realms where the heavenly and divine have homes. Within all heavenly realms, powers of light reign supreme. Yes, heavenly realms are spiritual realms, though not all spiritual realms are heavenly realms. Why? Because of light and because of darkness. When I say light, its definition is divine power. And when I say darkness, it is all that defies divine light. And to make things even more complicated, one must know that there is also light in the darkness. And there are forces of darkness that consist of light. Though those lights are not of the divine. They are the total opposite. Do not be fooled by their powers. And you never will as long as you trust in Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Everything in the spiritual and heavenly realms is beyond extraordinary and is both celestial and terrestrial. And all that is there has qualities that no one could ever imagine, comprehend, or explain. Our minds are not yet capable of conceiving the magnitude of the beauty, brilliance, and majestic power of energy and light that the heavenly realms and Heaven contain. Through faith, there is unwavering hope that allows the hidden to be seen. And to be a Christian with devout faith and to know that these truths are for real is what keeps us on the straight and narrow to benefit from their rewards. Which keeps our spirits and souls closest to the greatest of all gifts: the secrets and mysteries of the spirit and soul. It's about striving with all of one's will and strength to learn about the powers of faith. It's about not giving up, no matter how hard it gets or how long it takes to receive the answers. For us here in this world who are on this spiritual plane, everyone is on their own spiritual level, and our faith undoubtedly reaches the highest of heavens because we have no doubt that our hope, faith, and love are not in vain. To where it connects us with the Thrones of Heaven, where Father God, the Son of God, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit allow for continual communion and communication. Which elevates spiritual growth to the next level.

Before we begin our journey into the heavenly realms, there are some simple answers to some simple questions that I need to share with you first, so that this journey will make some kind of sense along the way.

Every Christian is on their own spiritual level. And spirituality is based on levels of awareness. It's an educational process that comes from experience within faith, love, and trust with Christ and God, which elevates one from one level to the next. And if these levels are like stairways to advance upwards from here to there to get closer to Heaven, then I pray that I find the right stairs to take. I have concluded that to find the right answers, one must have the right state of an open mind, a loving heart, unwaivering faith, a determined will, strength in faith, and a spirit and soul that do not doubt one single word of Holy Scripture. These are the first necessities for learning the truths of Heaven and the heavenly realms before anything else can make any sense. Just take it one step at a time, one day at a time, and sooner or later you will learn and be shown.

The gates to the heavenly realms are always open for everyone

Outside of Heaven are the heavenly realms; these are where all infinite creation extends out from. Outside of Heaven's gates is where all are destined to learn foremost before entering into Heaven. Unless, of course, one truly has the unconditional love and light of God thriving within their very souls, they bypass the heavenly realms and are allowed entry into the holiest light of God. Within the heavenly realms outside of Heaven's gates, the realms are defined as demensions, and the dimensions are defined as realms. Don't complicate this; keep it simple, and it will be easier to understand. Within the heavenly realms, all are of higher dimensions than here on Earth; any realm lower is not considered of the heavenly but of the spiritual because of ultimate definitions and hierarchy. The closest heavenly realms to our home here on Earth are our closest influences. These realms are the ones that we are learning from, and they are learning from us. Depending on which one has the strongest connections to the most powerful truths of the higher power, they are the ones that the others trust because they see the results of their light influences on the many truths claimed within the multiverse that we all live in together.

Within these dimensions and realms, there are countless and endless possibilities. Anywhere where the spiritual and supernatural are extreme, it is always beyond explanation, unless, of course, someone actually experiences it for themselves. This is how energies, forces, and powers work because of the law of attraction. And unless someone knows how these spiritual forces work for or against them, they will not know that something or someone from the heavenly realms is trying to get their attention and open their eyes to the truth. To put it simply, there could possibly be as many heavenly realms as there are stars in all universes combined. I caution you: do not shoot your spirit into the cosmos to find an answer or comfort. You are a child of Mother Earth. Born of the spirit and soul of this world. The heavenly cosmos is vast, and we already have our own God here on Earth, who has many names in many languages and many faiths. And we have only one Holy Spirit and one Jesus Christ.

This little blue world that we are currently living in is both spiritual and material. And each heavenly realm that exists consists of its own amounts of light, darkness, spirituality, and materiality. Those four elements exist within all things heavenly, and each has its own set of extremes. Heaven, of course, contains no darkness, though it has the ultimate extremes of light, both spiritual and material. And right outside heaven's gates is where its closest heavenly realms begin. And from there, the farther away from Heaven they are, the less light there is, the more darkness fills the void, and the more spiritual and material changes there are. For now, this is the simplest way I can explain it. Though we know this is only one glimpse, within the heavenly realms, there are infinite possibilities.

The more we yearn to comprehend and conceive faith, the closer one gets to the power that connects spirit and soul to the meaning and definition of what life is about. One's soul is already connected to all that Heaven contains. All that is required is to learn how to bless the connection in order to have complete communion and communication with all that is divine. This power is what causes the soul to thrive. All it takes is commitment, dedication, determination, and faith in the light of the soul and the light of God for its secrets to begin to be revealed.

Comparing Heaven to this world would be like comparing 24 karat gold or a flawless diamond to a decaying stone or a rusty piece of steel. Heaven is where we are all destined to go and return when our time comes. The longer one waits to connect with Heaven above, the longer spiritual gifts will take to arrive. It is much better to start developing a strong connection with Heaven and God right now so that you will begin to be prepared for all that lies ahead. Heaven is your lifeline; it is your soul's origin, and this connection will always be secure. You don't have to wait to find Heaven; it has always been yours to get as close to as you want to. It exists right now inside the very core of your heart, your soul, your spirit, your faith, and your will. Do not ignore this connection that you feel; take it to the next spiritual level, and you will be blessed to see the light that exists both inward and upward to learn the powers and mysteries of the living soul. Once you tap into this mystery of faith, visions and wonders begin to occur.

We are here in this world to learn how to connect with it all

Once a Christian connects their spirits and souls to Christ throught faith, and surrenders their total control to his own will. Then the power of the Holy Spirit fills ones soul with his eternal and everlasting love. This is when the first spiritual awakening occurs. This is when one learns and is shown the true Invisible Light of God. Which light contains all spectrums and powers of supernatural light both known and unknown. And its at that very moment in time when time stands still and ones spiritual eyes are truly opened to all that contains the heavenly realms.

And if you feel it, like I know that you can, then Heaven is already aware of your presence as well. In Heaven lives an eternal, unconditional love that would do anything to help you prepare for your journey to your new home. All you must do is ask, and all the blessings that are needed for success will be given to you. All you must do is open your heart and soul to it all for the blessings of Heaven to become realized. It may seem unbelievable that through prayer your spirit is capable of reaching the divine, but do not doubt that the mystery of faith is the greatest reality. If you want to communicate with God, he is only a thought or a whisper away. It’s not about connection through the distance of space; it’s about confidence in the reality of the mystery of faith. It’s about how similar spirits and similar faiths connect automatically. All that is of Heaven connects to all that is of this world through faith, spirit, and soul; these are the energy forces that make it all possible. There is a place in Heaven where all prayers are always heard and always answered. Where communication cannot be questioned or explained, it must only be accepted for it to occur. Do not doubt that your devotion, your love, and your faith are being felt in Heaven.

Heaven is so incomprehensibly surreal that it cannot be expressed in any known language. It is the present place where our Savior, Jesus Christ, calls his home. Once one learns about the powers of faith, hope, and love, one then begins to learn about the powers of light, spirit, and soul. These are the foremost powers that are in Heaven with God, which are also a part of you. They are the elements of the soul, which are alive inside yourself. You are connected to all that is of each. We must learn as much as we possibly can about these to be prepared to enter the holiest of all grounds when the time comes. The more one learns, the more one becomes aware of Heaven's sacred truths. You do belong to Heaven, and Heaven belongs to you. All that is of you is made from all that is of Heaven. And these pieces of Heaven are alive within yourself, always connecting you to their home from where you originally came.

In Heaven, where the Living Light originates, is the truest of all realities, where all prayers, wishes, and dreams come true. It is where saints live who have authority to oversee dominions in multiple dimensions of space and time. It is where angels live; some fly in slow motion with wings, while others can travel at the speed of light, which gives the illusion of appearing and disappearing here on Earth. Everything and everyone in Heaven is infused and permeated with the light of God, which is the ultimate of any power of light known. In Heaven nothing is temporary; everything is majestic and eternal. In Heaven everyone is always busy because there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Though work in Heaven is not labor, it is spiritual work, which is always rewarding. Heaven is where all authorities and all powers of the universe join to multiply like powers, to celebrate, to praise, and to glorify God.

The answers to the mysteries of Heaven are revealed to all sooner or later, once one crosses that spiritual line that lies within spiritual growth. No two answers for Heaven will ever be the same, because we are all born for different purposes with our own destinies within; this is just the way that it is and the way it was planned. This is what makes us each so unique and special in God's eyes. He is the light that lives inside our souls, which is the same light that dwells inside Heaven as well. All creation is somehow connected to Heaven some way, in ways that are incomprehensible to everyone except God. Heaven contains the ultimate of all wonders and miracles. It is where the highest and mightiest of all authorities and powers live and rule over all that is of the natural world and supernatural realms. To the heavens that are in the stars, and to the stars that are in the heavens, when one lives by faith in spirit, all that is of these destinies come together for Heavens all.

Here I am sitting at the edge of the world again, looking towards Heaven as I always do. My spiritual journey continues for this one and only purpose: to make it within. My faith is determined, and I am always preparing for this ultimate destiny that I am living for. It is my goal to achieve it. I am storing up treasures in Heaven and leaving this world far behind; I don't belong here, and I never did. This yearning that dwells deep within my soul is how my spiritual awareness lets me know that I am getting closer day by day. It’s not about distance; it’s about the condition that the spirit and soul are in. This is how faith teaches the ambitious to know that they are gaining spiritual ground. Therefore, the humble surrender their souls to find this place, where all that is holy and true lives. The direction is a one-way journey that begins within the heart and soul, and faith is the way that leads one there. For a Christian, the closer one gets to the heavenly, the more their spirit and soul know, because in the church and in the celestial, everyone gets overwhelming energized when the presence of the Holy Spirit is near.

The gentlemen in the video below really did go to Heaven. Many people do, and when it happens, it changes their entire outlook on life, Heaven, and God. It becomes their lifelong mission to let everyone know that Heaven, God, spirit, and soul are the greatest realities of life. It can happen when a near-death experience occurs. One's spirit and soul can actually go to Heaven when they dream. One can have an out-of-body experience, which allows the conscious spirit and soul to leave the body and experience the heavenly. Also, many who are close to the Holy Spirit have visions and revelations. Through meditation, prayer, or both, many are able to experience the heavenly. Through the mystery and miracles of faith, anything is possible when faith does not doubt. Fiath has no limits, which allows for reaching unimaginable extremes. Please watch this video below and see how sincere this gentleman is, who did get to go to Heaven and come back to testify to the truth.

14 Year Old Crosses Over; Gets Taught about Negative Thoughts During NDE

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