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Spirit Dove: Christ's baptism of the Holy Spirit of God

Holymercy is about sharing in the faith, love, and light of the Holy Spirit. And the strengthening of the self-spirit for drawing each closer to Heaven and God. We know that when God gave us the breath of life, it came with a living conscious, a living spirit, and a living soul. With this knowledge and awareness, we can now elevate faith to the next level and learn how they each work independently and dependently to define individual life forces. Where spiritual awareness elevates celestial insight and prepares us for the truths of the heavenly realms, to which we are currently connected and to which we are inevitably destined to go. Faith awakens self-awareness of the supernatural, which thrives when perceived from within and above. Sharing is its essence, which blesses those who connect with the Holy Spirit with spiritual vitality. We can all help each other by sharing, allowing holy mercy opportunities to bless us beyond continually.

Getting closer to Heaven and God reveals eternity

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The Circle of Love is about the spiritual and supernatural sources that my faith has learned from. It is based on the concept that the ultimate reason for life is to learn about spiritual truths, which in turn bring each person closer to Heaven and God. We all live together in one world called Earth, while at the same time we each live in our own separate spiritual worlds. Some have knowledge of this reality, and some do not. Everything spiritual, including one's own spiritual self, is intuitively shared with persuading forces. This is the nature of everything that is supernatural, and the supernatural of all that is of nature. And depending on the condition of one's faith, that is all that one's spirit is connected to, with or without one's own consent, depending on the quantity and quality of spiritual awareness one possesses. Spirits with the same energies always attract, while contrary spirits always repel; thus, everyone's spirit is always being influenced, one way or the other, for better or for worse. And always incomprehensible, at least until spiritual awareness grows to the point where the facts are recognized. 

Below each chapter title is a brief introduction. The Circle of Love consists of 7 chapters, 120,657 words, and 257 pages. If anyone has any questions or comments, the contact form goes to support [at] holymercy [dot] com

Chapter One: The Vision   10 of 57 pages

Get ready! We are about to take our spirits on a journey into the supernatural, where all that is spiritual is tangible, and all that is tangible is spiritual. Where each has distinct characteristics, though they are one in the same as faith has evolved. We are, and will always be, spirit and soul foremost, where the spiritual and supernatural are the essence of the corporeal and natural, and where the power and definition of the breath of life come from. Which is why we are here in this world as a part of our bodies to learn about the sustenance of all worldly spiritual truths to prepare us for all that lies ahead. And no matter where we go from here or what form we take when we leave this world, we will always be defined by the essence of our spirit and our soul. With that in mind and that in truth, let us journey to a place where the physical and the material are defined by spiritual truths alone. To a place within faith that does not question or doubt a single word that has been revealed to us through Christ, therefore always allowing for unknown truths to be revealed. Where new awareness starts once one opens their eyes to the heavenly and begins to transform their faith.

It will be so awesome for you to go with me there, now that you have removed the boundaries that had kept your faith from reaching greater spiritual realities. Now that you know that faith is limitless, you are free to go where you have never been before. All the heavens have been waiting for you to learn their celestial truths about all that this great mystery of life is about. It took me a long time to learn how to get there, and now that I know the way, I will share it with you. I know you've been curious about all that lies on the other side. It is not a mystery at all; it's really quite simple once you open your conscious, your spirit, and your soul to it all. This is when it all begins to be revealed. This is when life begins to make sense. It is the ultimate reality that defines the reasons for life and compels believers to be ambitious in their pursuit of spiritual blessings while awakening their natural senses to the ultimate truths of the spirit, the soul, the heavenly realms, and God. Now that you believe that anything is possible through faith, you are free to venture into the spiritual unknown that I have become aware of.

Chapter Two: Spiritual Realms   3 of 30 pages

We are spirit and soul before anything else, learning first and foremost how to connect with the spiritual, which connects with God. We first learn to feel the highest spiritual powers that connect our souls to and from the heavens above. Through faith, it is revealed that everything we understand to be reality has a spiritual and supernatural definition of its own. In the beginning, we couldn't see it, touch it, or feel it, but we knew in our hearts and souls that it existed through faith. We knew that there was something more out there that was waiting to be discovered. We felt its presence and its power. As our faith grew, the fruition of all that exists in the heavens began to be revealed and began to make sense. We learned how to look from the inside out and from the outside in by connecting with the Holy Spirit of God. Which allowed for the mysteries and powers of the spiritual realms, their dimensions, and the heavens to begin to be seen. This is how faith in the Holy Spirit works. I am only beginning to learn, though what has been revealed to me is meant to be shared with you. Take these words with an open mind that does not doubt the unimaginable and unexplainable, and be blessed to reap the rewards.

Chapter Three: Soldiers of Light   5 of 40 pages

For a soldier, when it comes to the power of faith, of light, and of love, their strength comes from the word of Holy Scripture, which is the essence of their armor of God and their living soul. Therefore, a soldier of the light learns to stand their ground and protect all that their love and faith stand for when being opposed. Thus, learning that this little blue world that we temporarily call home lies within the center of all heavenly realms of light and all spiritual realms of darkness. A soldier of light learns how to stand strong and firm. So, the battles become far and few. And if and when, very rarely, any spiritual force or power tries to intrude on or penetrate the spirit that is their own, this is where and when they excel. Foremost, their armor of God is defined by the word of God in their strengths and their will. A soldier of light is a soldier of Christ who knows exactly what their soul was created for. Each soldier of the light is on their own individual spiritual level, and all strive to advance to the next. Just like any other skill in life, there is always something to learn. And a soldier of light knows that when it comes to battle, knowledge of Holy Scripture is a matter of life or death.

Chapter Four: Guardian Angels   4 of 30 pages

There are angels that are present in this world and are near us as we live our lives. They don't watch us, and they don't know what we are doing at any given time, though they are capable of feeling our spirit and seeing our light of soul, therefore always knowing what spiritual condition we are in. They know how to distinguish the spiritual from the supernatural realms and worlds, and they know our capabilities. Once they trust in your strength of faith and will, they began to reveal what is needed to prevail when it comes to learning about spiritual growth. They want us to be prepared to enter the holy realms where they currently live. These are the realms that have the closest spiritual and supernatural connections to here on Earth and, from there, to God.

Chapter Five: Living Light   5 of 40 pages

Your supernatural living light of the soul is the living light of God. How do I know? I have been allowed to look inside my soul, be shown its energies and forces, and learn how the soul is directly connected with Heaven and God. God is the Living Light because God is the ultimate definition of all supernatural and natural light that exists. This holliest of all lights can easily be discovered, felt, accessed, and seen through faith because this living light is the essence of one's living soul. Our soul lives by the light and breath of God's own; without it, nothing could or would exist. God is the greatest power of light, and he gives his light to all who yearn for his love to enter their souls when miracles and revelations begin to occur to reassure that the connection is being held strong, allowing access to the higher dimensions. When God and Christ are invited into one's own hearts, spirits, and souls, spiritual transformations begin to occur as all that is of the heavenly light blesses your very own soul. This is when you truly know you are joined with them all from within and above. And once joined, your very living soul begins to reap the greatest, endless spiritual treasures of all. The connections to learn eternal and everlasting secrets of truth, light, faith, love, spirit, and soul that will always be your very own and are guaranteed through Christ to be eternal.

Chapter Six: Unconditional Love   4 of 20 pages

The essence of unconditional love and the everlasting light of one's living soul teach our spirits how to get closer to the heavens of God. One's own unconditional love, along with faith, are the direct spiritual and supernatural lifelines that connect our conscious, spirit, and soul with all that is of the Holy Spirit of God and our beloved Jesus Christ. It reveals glimpses of the light that is from God and teaches us how to avoid and protect against the forces of darkness. We must learn all of these truths in order to spiritually advance through the barriers and distractions that try to keep us from direct communication with all that is in Heaven and with God. Between where we are and the divine, it's not about the distance between us and God; it's about the strength of faith that our own spirit and soul possess that defies the separation of the distances of dimensions, space, and time. And about the truths of Holy Scripture that one stands strong and firm for. Which allows us to stand in his presence, right here, right now, in real time. Allowing for revelations to be given to awaken faith and open one's eyes to each of our own individual spiritual purposes and destinies. All the while experiencing the eternal, spiritual, and supernatural truths of the divine.

Chapter Seven: Heavenly Realms   5 of 40 pages

Heavenly realms are in our presence; through faith, we learn how to reach out to where they are. Which lets them know that we know they are there. Which allows them to recognize us for who we really are, which starts a bonding relationship that continues throughout spiritual growth. And creates heavenly connections, thus becoming our allies, friends, teachers, guardians, and companions. The heavenly realms that are closest to our spirits and souls are the ones we are directly connected with. These are the heavenly realms where our hopes, desires, and prayers go to find everything they are yearning for: the answers to the question, What is eternal life? And the need for the eternal love of God. These connections become bonds that must always be treasured, blessed, and never taken for granted for spiritual blessings and spiritual growth to flourish. These are the energies, forces, and powers that connect your conscious, spirit, and soul directly to all of the heavens that are of God. Between Earth and Heaven, there are many levels of heavenly realms that do exist. And within the heavenly realms closest to the heavenly light of God are where all the greatest eternal powers reside, awaiting our faith to reach out and be joined with them all.

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