Praying with confidence opens the soul to channel Heaven and God

Praying guarantees divine intervention from heavenly authorities

We can pray to God however we choose. However, if you use these keys, steps, or best practices, they will strengthen your faith. First, know without a doubt that you are being heard. The mystery of faith and the power of prayer are divine miracles that are our own gifts from God. Your prayers are direct communication that gets heard within the highest of heavenly realms. The power of prayer and the mystery of faith connect you to God through the light of your soul.

Second, let him know how you feel and how much you love him. Ask him to teach you about his own love, and he will open up new spiritual doors for you. Ask him to show you how to turn your weaknesses into strengths, and he will. Let him know what you need and what you want. And have an open mind when receiving his answers, because he may have something better planned for you. Most of all, be patient. Sometimes prayers are answered quickly, though sometimes it takes a long time. Our God wants us to learn about patience; after all, life is eternal and everlasting, so we have all the time that we will ever need to get all that we need and want. Just know that God gives us all of our desires at just the right time. Patience is one of the fruits of the spirit that we must learn about when getting our prayers answered.

Third, ask for forgiveness. We always need forgiveness, especially when we think that we don't. Even a born-again Christian filled with the Holy Spirit, whose every action and thought are guided by the Divine, makes mistakes. This is how we learn right from wrong in our journey of spiritual growth. We have our own free will. God does not control us; he wants us to be our own independent, unique individuals with our own desires and goals. This is how we find our place in Heaven and in this heart. Let him know that you are aware of your faults. Let him know you want to get closer to him by letting your faults go. He will listen with tears of compassion and love and share them with you. There, you will learn to be humble and true, no matter what God's plans are for you. We all have our own purpose in life for ourselves and for God to learn about. Ask him for the strength that is needed to prevail and for transformation to occur, and he will show you the truth. Be brave and strong to accept and do his will, and you will be rewarded with greater blessings than all of the answers to all of your prayers will ever know.

Fourth, pray for everybody in your life—your immediate family, the ones you are closest to, and the ones you are not. Pray for all of your friends and coworkers. Pray for everyone in your life. Pray for everyone you once knew and for everyone in the future who will become a part of your life. Pray for the ones who have passed and the ones you have lost contact with. Learn to forgive and forget, and pray for the ones who didn't and don't care about you or treat you like they should. Don't disassociate or disown anyone, no matter what they have done, because, through your prayers, they will eventually be transformed and learn to feel the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, and they will eventually realize that you possess the same. And then pray to God to bless the angels that are closest to your life and your spirit, and then pray for all of your loved ones angels to be blessed by the Holy Spirit. By doing this, you will have every spiritual and supernatural energy, force, and power in your life blessed by the power of the Holy Spirit of God.

Fifth, pray for God's will and not your own will to be done in your life. And if your own will is his will, each and every prayer will be answered at the right time. Sixth, Pray by quoting or reading the Holy Scriptures. The words of God, the Holy Scriptures, have more power than anything in this world, the heavens, or the universe. Seventh, thank God for everything in your life. And let him know that you are going to learn from your trials and mistakes. And above all, praise him with all of your heart, spirit, soul, conscious, will, strength, faith, and love. Get these seven keys right, and they will form an eternal bond with all that consists of the Holy Spirit of God and our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray every day for communion and communication to increase with God

Praying for each other with devotion and confidence ensures answers are given from above. "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them" (Matt 18:20). We are one in Christ, so let's work together to let the love of the Holy Spirit bless each and every one of us. Contact us with any specific prayer requests, concerns, or spiritual advice. If you would like a follow-up response, please include your email address, although it is not necessary for a submission. We will respond within seven days. God bless each of us for learning how to better intercede for ourselves and for others.