We are connected to Heaven by faith, spirit, soul and God;

The only true treasures in life

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Everything in Heaven is more realistic than anything in this world. Our minds are not yet capable of conceiving the beauty, the brilliance, and the power of the quality of the everlasting light and the majestic power of the presence of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit that it contains. This realization is closer than you realize. It's right before your eyes. The more we yearn to comprehend and conceive of its wonders, the closer one gets to its power that connects spirit and soul to the meaning and definition of what life is about. One's soul is already connected to all that Heaven contains. All that is required is to learn how to connect in order to have complete communion and communication with all that is above. This power is what causes the soul to thrive. All it takes is commitment, dedication, determination, and faith in the light of the soul and the light of God for its secrets to begin to be revealed. Comparing Heaven to this world would be like comparing 24 karat gold or a flawless diamond to a decaying stone or a rusty piece of steel. Heaven is where we are all destined to go and return when our time comes. The longer one waits to connect with Heaven above, the longer spiritual gifts will take to arrive. It is much better to start developing a strong connection with Heaven and God right now so that you will begin to be prepared for all that lies ahead. Heaven is your lifeline; it is your soul's origin, and this connection will always be secured. You don't have to wait to find Heaven; it has always been yours to get as close to as you want to. It exists right now inside the very core of your heart, your soul, your spirit, and your faith. Do not ignore this connection that you feel; take it to the next spiritual level, and you will be blessed to continue inwards and upwards to learn the powers and mysteries of the living soul. Once you tap into this mystery of faith, visions and wonders begin to occur. 

And if you feel it, like I know that you can; then Heaven is already aware of your presence as well. In Heaven lives an eternal unconditional love that would do anything to help you prepare for your journey to your new home. All you must do is ask; and all the blessings that are needed for success will be given to you. All you must do is open your heart and soul to it all for the blessings of Heaven to become realized. It may seem unbelievable that through prayer your spirit is possible of reaching the divine, though do not doubt the mystery of faith is the greatest reality. If you want to communicate with the heavenly, it is only a thought, or a whisper away. It’s not about connection through the distance of space; it’s about confidence in the reality of the mystery of faith. It’s about how likewise spirits and likewise faiths connect automatically. All that is of Heaven connects to all that is of this world through faith, spirit and soul; these are the energy forces that make it all possible. There is a place in Heaven where all prayers are always heard and always answered. Where communication cannot be questioned or explained; only accepted for it to occur. Do not doubt that your devotion, your love and your faith are being felt in Heaven.

Heaven is so very incomprehensibly surreal that it cannot be expressed in any language known. It is the present place where our Savior Jesus Christ calls his home. Once one learns about the powers of faith, of hope, and of love; one then begins to learn about the powers of light, of spirit, and of soul. These are the foremost powers that are of Heaven of God, which are also a part of you. They are the elements of the soul, which are alive inside yourself. You are connected to all that is of each own. We must learn as much as we possibly can of these to be prepared to enter the holiest of all grounds when the time comes. The more one learns; the more one becomes aware of Heaven's sacred truths. You do belong to Heaven, and Heaven belongs to you. All that is of you is made from all that is of Heaven. And these pieces of Heaven are alive within yourself; always connecting you to their home from where you originally came.

Somewhere in Heaven where the Living Light originates from is the truest of all realities where all wishes, and dreams come true. It is where saints live that have authority to oversee dominions of multiple dimensions of space and time. It is where angels live; some fly in slow motion with wings, while others can travel at the speed of light which gives the illusion of appearing and disappearing here on Earth. Everything and everyone in Heaven is infused and permeated with the light of God, which is the ultimate of any power of light known. In Heaven nothing is temporary; everything is majestic and eternal. In Heaven everyone is always busy, because there is a lot of work that needs to be done; though work in Heaven is not labor, it is spiritual work which is always rewarding. Heaven is where all authorities and all powers of the universe join to multiply like power, to celebrate, to praise and glorify God.

The answers to the mysteries of Heaven are revealed to all sooner or later; once one crosses that spiritual line that lies within spiritual growth. No two answers for Heaven will ever be the same, because we are all born for different purposes with our own destinies within; this is just the way that it is, and the way it was planned. This is what makes us each so unique and so very special in Gods eyes. He is the light that lives inside our souls, which is the same light that dwells inside of Heaven as well. All creation is connected to Heaven some way, somehow, by ways that are incomprehensible to everyone except God. Heaven contains the ultimate of all wonders and miracles. It is where the highest and mightiest of all authorities and powers live that rule over all that is of the natural worlds and supernatural realms. To the heavens that are in the stars and to the stars that are in the heavens; when one lives by faith in spirit, all that is of these destinies come together for Heavens all.

Here I am sitting at the edge of the world looking towards Heaven again as I always do. My spiritual journey continues for this one and only purpose; to make it within. My faith is determined and always preparing for this ultimate destiny that I am living for. It is my goal to achieve. I am storing up treasures in Heaven and leaving this world far behind; I don't belong here, and I never did. This yearning that dwells deep within my soul is how my spiritual awareness lets me know, I am getting closer day by day. It’s not about distance; it’s about what the condition that spirit and soul is in. This is how faith teaches the ambitious to know that they are gaining spiritual ground. Therefore, the humble surrender their souls to find this place where all that is holy and true lives. The direction is a one-way journey which begins within heart and soul, and faith is the way that leads one there. For a Christian, the closer one gets to the heavenly, their spirit and soul overwhelmingly know, because in the church, and in the celestial; everyone gets overwhelming energized when the presence of Holy Spirit is near.

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