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The Circle of Love is about my experiences concerning the supernatural and the spiritual I have learned from. Have you ever been on a stage in front of thousands of people, where the energy was so thick that you could cut it with a knife? Have you ever had a spiritual awakening that was so powerful that it changed your life? That is what kind of positive energy this book possesses. It is based on the concept that the ultimate reason for life is to learn about spiritual truths; which in turn brings each closer to Holy Spirit. Of genre that is Inspirational / Spiritual Life, and is cross-over material. This book is an inspiration for the spirit, and comfort for the soul; it is thought-provoking and entertaining. A total of 9 chapters consisting of 132,657 words, and 324 pages.

Anthology is a complete chronological compilation of all of my lyrics, prayers, memoirs, creative writings and essays. Most of the titles are based on spirituality concerning hope, faith, and love. A total of 537 titles / essays consisting of 359,069 words, and 900 pages. These words are my legacy; they are a tribute to Holy Spirit. They are about the trials I have endured and the blessings that have been given. They are of positive spirit and uplifting. These words all come together to express the spirit of which I am.

I am a composer, a musician, a lyricist, and an author. I have found that by expressing myself through these channels is of the ultimate fulfillment for my spirit and soul. I have become addicted and dependent on this force and truth. These words introduce the reader to my own unique style of creative writing. They encourage me with a passion that yearns to believe in what is of the unseen; to become seen. And of all that is of the impossible that becomes possible when faith becomes involved.

I will be uploading essays from Anthology and chapters from The Circle of Love periodically after each revision is complete.

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            Abounding Hope is an introduction to my latest essay.

Abounding Hope

I have surrendered to a new abounding hope that has awakened within; which generates intense faith exceeding its previous extremes. It yearns for companionship to bless and be blessed. It rejoices with attention with all that shares of the same and basks within tranquility with its new-found strength. It is abounding hope that bonds together with unwavering faith and unconditional love to form a union within the soul; creating one force that is capable of reaching the highest of all heavens. It reaches out confidently knowing that it is recognized, and it praises, and it glorifies wholeheartedly. This ablest of hope is being nourished by Holy Spirit; with anticipation of becoming one with his all. My hope is absorbed with adoration that I pray will continually grow.

The more my hope yearns to adhere; the more transformation occurs. I have learned that spiritual answers don’t always come easy; sometimes spiritual gain takes earnest devotion to achieve. With my over achievement, my hope has taught me to see through the veil, and every glimpse that becomes clearer; I strive the even more vigorously. And the more I see; the even more that is revealed to be learned. I have learned that my life is a journey of spiritual growth to learn of hopes truths to partake in Holy Spirit’s will. And the more I learn; the more I want to know. Hopes truths are lessons that are revealed by a sequence that are all spiritual levels to bring insight into Holy Spirit’s everlasting light. This hope confirms my love for all that is of his own which has taken my conscienceness to the next level; changing my very spirit and soul.

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