The Circle of Love

"It’s not what you feed the mind and body that keeps you alive and well;

but of all that you feed the spirit and soul."



This book is about the supernatural and the spiritual that my faith has learned from. I have learned not to define their possibilities; they thrive to be free to evolve and transform. Everyone has their own faiths they are destined to learn from; this book is to share what is of my own.

We all live together in one world called Earth, though we each live in our own separate spiritual worlds with or without knowledge of this fact of life. All that is of the spiritual shares through invisible likewise force; depending on the condition of the spirit of self. And always incomprehensible; until spiritual awareness grows to accept unfathomable mysteries as facts. All that is about the spiritual and supernatural is of infinite possibilities and each for their own that each consists of. The supernatural is difficult to explain, though easily perceived depending on individual spiritual truths. Each has their own answers to find, and all will be revealed while seeking for each's own.

This book is about my faith and of all that it touches. For myself, I put all of my faith and love in Holy Spirit; Whose very presence creates inner peace and blesses everything in my life; without question, or doubt of his ultimate majesty. Since the beginning of time, free will has been given to all to do with as one chooses, which has evolved and expanded into countless spiritual dimensions and endless extremes. And from this freedom, it is my destiny to learn of the truths that are of Holy Spirit. I have learned that in the spiritual everything has reason; everything is with consequence and concern. And of all of where my faith reaches; where inner truths and outer truths come together for same cause as spiritual awareness grows.


This book was written to be shared with all who live in spirit by faith. I have learned that for every spiritual fact there are countless answers. All that exists of spiritual awareness is a part of one big elaborate plan for many reasons, and many definitions for why? All is connected with likewise spirit and love to fulfill destiny. You alone decide your own state of mind, therefore you alone decide what spirits will be closest and farthest to your own, and you alone decide the destiny of your own soul by the way that you live your life. All that is of the corporeal is of the spiritual; which is where all first originated from. It all comes together just as it always has been before the beginning of time. Which brings us to our own moment of time to do as one chooses; for me to explore the many spiritual reasons why?

All that exists within the entire spiritual and supernatural; we each do live within every day in our world and every day in our lives. We touch it, and it touches our spirit and our mind; it cannot be denied. We are our own spirits being influenced by all that our spirit touches. In the light and in the darkness, there are many spiritual realms which are a part of our own home here on Earth that are of corporeal and spiritual dimensions all to their own, and is of where many living spirits and living souls call their own home. They are not ghosts; all consist of incomprehensible spiritual material matter mixed with supernatural truths.

For me, and for everyone does influence the world and the realms that we each do live within by all that our own self spirit is aware of. This is a blessing once one learns of the truths. One does possess the strength to overcome all questionable force to choose all that matters the most for self. For us, this is only just the beginning of the everlasting, for there are many facts about spirituality that we will learn to comprehend as union with Holy Spirit grows. Only through faith that does not doubt can it make any sense.

I wrote this book to inspire, and to encourage. Hold on to your faith and all that you believe in, because it all is incredibly true.


This book brings insight that life is full of many choices. And each is directly connected to all that is of each one’s own spiritual life. Life is a journey to learn why and how our own choices affect the consequences in our life. All of which determines our own spiritual path with new destinies from which to learn of next. For each of us, these paths are different and lead to many lessons to continue to advance. For there is much spirit from which to learn that you have never known that is waiting to be found? We are all born for many purposes, and ultimately you will get to where your spirit and soul desire to belong. Choose your own destiny with much discernment; set your course and never look back. And know that you are moving your spiritual self, closer towards higher spiritual grounds; which enables more freedoms, builds strengths and opens new doors.

No two lessons will ever be the same for anyone; and so is such for each one's own definition of spirituality. No two qualities or quantities of faith or purposes for living ever are the same. Spiritual prosperity is to find out for self what it truly does all mean? My spiritual journey has led me to find these many truths. Fueled from a yearning that comes from my soul and of all that I have grown to become. What I am meant to be, and of all that I want to be that spiritual growth will allow. To find out these answers; I adhere to the love of Holy Spirit.

There are other faiths, other truths, and other loves which are not a part of one's own; which are of others. And all of these spirits also exist within the supernatural of different dimensions and different realms, just like that of which is of one's own; with, or without each one’s own knowledge; all depending on the state of spirit of self. Everyone makes their own choices of whom, and of what to believe in. Choose well with much discernment, for all does affect the unknown; even the thoughts of self influence our current spiritual condition and our spiritual destinies. Just keep yourself protected by faith from anything that may be opposing, or questions the truth that you hold. For myself; I find all comfort in Christ.

All who hear these words who live by faith in spirit know this corporeal life are but a glimpse into much higher truths. With death only comes a transformation of body, of spirit and of the soul. It is a new beginning, not an end; into dimensions that are incomprehensible, though very much anticipated through Christ. We cannot even begin to grasp what lies on the other side. So, prepare yourself for all that lies ahead.

For now, of this world, and spirit of self; the only connection that matters is to connect with the everlasting of Holy Spirit; which automatically takes one even closer towards his ultimate truths. The more that spiritual awareness grows, the closer towards the heavens we each get within spirit; to where the spirit soars, and to where the more there is to learn about, and is where all the answers began to make sense. This is just one fact of spiritual life; meant for all who desire to share. Some soar, some run, some walk to get their spiritual desires fulfilled, and some never learn that there is such a journey at all. Though all will eventually learn about the supernatural; either now by faith, or later by the lack of. It is the never-ending journey of life for everyone to learn about. And each to their own whatever they choose to do with the gift of life, and to where ever they may or may not want to go.

In this book, I emphasize awareness of all that one's spirit touches. Spirits are always active; with or without own knowledge of this fact. One's choices determine the types of spirits and forces which influence corporeal and spiritual self. One's own freedom of choice determines what spiritual realms will become a part of one's own.

I am an advocate of Christ who lives for his majesty. My judgment is constant which keeps me closest to his all. Salvation is a gift to all who chooses his love. All the doors that are to the heavens are all waiting to be opened by one's self; any time in anyone's life. All it takes is a faith that does not doubt, and total control over spirit of self. I want to clarify that although these words concern the supernatural that they have no association with any cult or occult. My own definition of faith, hope and love are of Holy Spirit.

Table of Contents

Each chapter lists the title of the chapter. Under each chapter is a brief introduction. The Circle of Love consists of 9 chapters, 132,657 words, and 324 pages.

         Chapter One:   The Vision


Get ready, we are about to take our spirits on a journey into the supernatural; where all that is tangible is spiritual, and all that is spiritual is tangible; where both are one of the same. Where time ends, and the everlasting begins; to return, never the same again. It will be so awesome for you to go with me there; now that you have removed the boundaries which kept your faith detained from reaching new spiritual realities. Now that you know that faith is limitless; you are free to go to where you have never been before. All the heavens have been waiting for you to learn of their celestial truths for all that this great mystery of life is about? It took me a long time to learn how to get there, and now that I know the way; I will share it with you. I know you've been curious about all that lies on the other side. It is not a mystery; it's quite simple, once you open your conscious and soul to it all. It is the greatest reality and is of all that defines the purposes of life, and compels believers to be ambitious for the treasures of spirituality. Now that you understand these very simple truths and believe that anything is possible through faith; you are ready to venture into the spiritual unknown that I have become aware of, with me.  

Before we begin our journey, there are some things I need to share with you. You cannot venture into the unknown without being fully prepared. I will begin by sharing the basics concerning conscience, spirit and soul. Just as your conscious is alive, so is your spirit and soul. Conscious, spirit and soul are the three main forces of many that make up your entire life force. Everyone has a spirit. You were born with it; just like you were born with a conscious and a soul. These are three of the greatest gifts from God that cannot be fully explained, but only accepted and experienced. They are physical and spiritual, and both natural and supernatural. Each are unique and individual, and are three parts that make up one complete whole.

Spirit is all that you create your force of life to become by the condition of conscious, conscience and morals. Spirit of self is an invisible energy; it cannot be seen, though easily felt. The condition of spirit of self and its actions are in accordance to one's own state of mind, and with consent when fully controlled. This is the nature of its existence. You must learn to control your own spirit, because if you don't; outside energies, forces, or powers will. Without Holy Spirit being the dominant power that controls your life; outside energies will penetrate weakness and eventually take control; without your knowledge and without your will. You don't want this to happen, if it does; you will be battling spirits to regain control. Just keep your mind on all that is holy; and you'll never have to worry about this happening. Your spirit can bless you if you control it well, and teach you of the secrets of the heavens.

Nothing can separate your own conscience, spirit, or soul; no power, no love, no depth or no will. They are forever one, and are forever yours; only you alone do decide the strength, and the love that your spirit will become with much definition of your self. No matter what you have ever been told, you are the only one that has or lacks total control over your own life force. No power or force that exists of darkness can possess or control your own spirit or soul; except only you, and only you alone. It is your own, and it will always remain to be a part of all that is of you. Unless of course you temporarily believe something that is not of the truth, for then your spirit can become a prisoner of something other than the truth, or to be a slave to a stronger force. Even though, still then, your soul is still your own, but just a prisoner or slave because of lack of control. One can retake control; by gaining spiritual strength and surrendering to all that is holy. You alone have ultimate control over your spirit by your own energy, force, power and will.

And anything, anyone, or any place that is questionable or opposing; do not dare let your thoughts venture there; because your spirit simultaneously follows your every thought. Your thoughts won't leave your mind, though your spirit instantly can go any place, or anywhere at any time to where is of one's thoughts. If it goes to where it shouldn't be, like any that oppose all that is holy, and if spirit is not strong enough with union of Holy Spirit; it can easily become captive. And if spirit becomes captive, then so can one's thoughts. You don't want to leave your spirit vulnerable without protection. So teach your thoughts, and teach your spirit well of all that is holy. It doesn't happen overnight; though with determination, prayers and will; transformation begins. Thoughts can control the spirit, and spirit can control thoughts. And until thoughts and spirit become strong in Holy Spirit; both can be controlled by opposing spirits. Thought and spirit are totally two different forces, though share a few similarities.

Your spirit is a part of your total entity, and is never apart. When it's time to leave this world; the combinations of the conditions of your conscience, your spirit, and your soul is what determines where in heavenly realms you will go. It's not where you want to go; it's where your spirit and soul is joined. That's where it belongs. Yes, you are a part of much force that make up all of corporeal universe and spiritual realms; with the gift of life, and with the gift of free will to choose all that matters the most for self. So, prepare yourself to live within heavenly dimensions that are of the greatest reality, because life carries on beyond this world; just like Jesus told us so. Never doubt, or question the promises of our Holy Lord. That alone is enough to stop your spiritual journey into the brightest of Light.

You consist of both spiritual and physical matter. Just as the matter that you are has mass, the spiritual that is you consist totally of spiritual energy. Your existence, your life force is a combination of consciousness, a living soul, and a living spirit. And because we are a spiritual force; our forces are automatically joined with other energies, forces and powers. This is just a fact of ones own spiritual life that cannot and will not ever change. You choose yourself all that your spirit connects with by the values and the morals that are of your own. We are a part and apart from all creation; for better or for worse; being influenced by either light or darkness. There is no compromise of either or; they both have their rules that must be kept and not broken. The darkness will never let you see its true dark, but hide behind a light of its own. It will convince you that its wonders and miracles are the only truth that matters the most. Without Holy Spirit living inside your heart and your soul; you will definitely be fooled, and the light of darkness will lead you into despair. While the light of Holy Spirit always shares and always reveals all hidden truths of all that is of the light and of the darkness.

Let your spirit learn to take control of your body, heart and mind; than your spirit will become a force that cannot be denied, and will learn to be a part of all that is of the eternal, and move all of which that is of your own closer towards the holiest of all light. Our own awareness of this does bring much knowledge, and much wisdom of faith, and does grow to feed spirit, and to fuel the soul, and does teach us each of our own force, and of the forces of nature, and of the supernatural, and of the powers of light and of darkness, though most important; the powers of God.

As for spirit and the spiritual which all exists outside all that is of self. Everything that is tangible of this material world that we live in, and of all that is of the universe that exists; consists of spiritual matter as well. Which means that all creation is both material in one form or another, and all spiritual in one form or another. To those who live in the spirit, and do not doubt; the tangible, and the spiritual are one of the same. As a Christian, we can easily accept this without doubt, because Christ and the prophets showed us these truths. We are blessed to be of body and spirit both; to be as one with all of God's creation. For all that you are is also all that is made of the heavens; for you are a piece of it all, and God loves you so very much; longing for you to get nearer.

Now that you know how important it is to have total control over thoughts and spirit; this will help with conditioning and strengthening of faith. These three forces must be strong for our journey; we have taken only the first steps in planning for where we are about to go. Give it time young butterfly, for soon you will learn how to fly, and your spiritual awareness will begin to grow and guide you into all that is of the holy.

         Chapter Two:   The Realms and the Doors


We live in a terrestrial world, which is also celestial. All that is capable of being seen is only a glimpse of a much greater truth. Between Earth and Heaven, there are many heavenly realms that exist where many life forms live. They are not spirits of the dead; they are real people just like us and also consist of mass and matter similar to our own, though with different qualities of supernatural realities of different dimensions. It varies in each realm, though the closer to Heaven the more overwhelmingly awesome it becomes. As in this world there are routes to get to various locations; such is the same between all heavenly realms. There are routes, or doors, or portals that connect each and every domain. And the keys that open the passageways come from spiritual strength from within. Faith, Love and Truth are forces, and are three of the strongest keys to gain access, or exit within the heavenly realms.

         Chapter Three:   As a Soldier


The life of a soldier isn’t always easy though it does have its benefits. Once one learns the truth about light; its supernatural become their only reality. A soldier relies on their armor of God entirety; which is the very essence of the light of Christ. To learn about its strengths is to learn about freedoms and peace. A soldier only fights when needed to defend and always wins. Though always knows that maybe eventually, their time will come to graciously lie down their life, for they know that their sacrifice is not in vain. For they know that their living soul is everlasting and that they will fight again; knowing that even in the beyond the battles don’t end within the heavenly for control and dominance of authority. A soldier knows their calling, and every call is another opportunity to glorify their Holy Lord with all of their strength. A soldier knows where the battle lines are drawn and never questions or doubts about the reasons why.

         Chapter Four:   Spirit

With Holy Spirit inside of me, I am blessed to live in a love that belongs to his all. I am in him, and he is in me. Into the heavens, my spirit rises; he lifts me up to learn of his rewards. And every time there is a new awakening from which to learn. The passion of my spirit intensifies; the more elevation within his touch reaches. They fuel each other pleading with each other for more of his all. It is only because of his love that gives me a reason to live. There is so very much for me to learn to get strong enough to serve my Holy Lord the way that I want to do; like I know that I must do. He alone is why I strive for strength to grow, with an unquenchable yearning that will only be satisfied when I stand before his Almighty Throne glorifying him in unison with all who are of his own.

         Chapter Five:   Angels

Everyone is fascinated with angels; the most intriguing fact is that they are real. There are heavenly angels from heavenly realms who can come and go within our world. Our world exists somewhere within proximity of their own higher dimensions. They know how to come and go between the realities. Angels perform different duties for reasons of intervention. They are able to manipulate the natural and the supernatural to complete their tasks. They mostly go unnoticed, though sometimes they are perceived. Most all of the time they don’t want to be seen, which they have total control over, though sometimes, on rare occasions for various reasons they reveal themselves to encourage faith.

         Chapter Six:   Light

Foremost I strive to learn from the Light of God, and when I get closest to his love; answers are given to make sense of all spiritual and supernatural light. And there are infinite varieties of light to learn of. Light is unique and extraordinary; just as hope, faith, and love are. All four are the strongest of all powers, and each has its own particular capabilities. As with a hope, faith, and love; light also exists within all possible extremes.

Though I walk through the garden of the blind without eyes; I can see by the light. For there is much that is there that can be seen. I sit down with all who are there, and enjoy each other’s company. My journey has taken me to a place where very few have ever been. A place unknown to many, though a place that will eventually be found by all. It is about a thin line within faith to be crossed that allows faith to take control over all senses. It is a place that otherwise would have never allowed me to enter; until my spirit was able to see by faith alone.

I am slowly crossing new lines and opening up new doors and becoming all that I am meant to become. With eyes, it is good to learn how to see. Without eyes, it is good to learn how to believe. I have learned to let the light rule over all that is of my own entirely. I am learning to believe that a spiritual journey is about constant gradual change. There are many paths from to choose, and all lead to different places. Whether we fall, or we rise; there will always be new faith and new light from which to learn from.

         Chapter Seven:   Heaven

Heaven is a real place that is so very incomprehensibly surreal that it cannot be expressed. It is the present place where our Savior Jesus Christ calls his home. Once one learns about the powers of faith, of hope, and of love; one then begins to learn about the powers of light, of spirit, and of soul. These are the foremost powers that are of Heaven of God; which are also a part of you. They are the elements of the soul; which is alive inside your self. You are connected to all that is of each own. We must learn as much as we possibly can of these to be prepared to enter into holy grounds. The more one learns; the more one becomes aware of their sacred truths. You do belong to Heaven, and Heaven belongs to you. All that is of you is made from all that is of Heaven. And these pieces of Heaven are alive within yourself; always connecting you to their home from where they, and you came.

         Chapter Eight:   Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is the most powerful of all powers. It is one of the main ingredients of the soul and one of the most important reasons for life. To learn to recognize its presence is to know it is very much alive and knows who possesses of its same. Its spirit exists of holiness and acknowledges others with qualities like its own. Once it is recognized, it desires to share of it all; creating new blessings and strengths. Understanding the forces of unconditional love leads to understanding every mystery of the soul, the heavens, and God. Unconditional love intensifies with trusting faith. Ask for the strength that is needed, and it will be given, and the blessings continuously flow within from above.

         Chapter Nine:   Christ Jesus

Jesus sent shock waves across all the heavens and the stars when he was born, and all give glory to the Holy Son of God. He caused all authorities to tremble because of his ultimate power. His willing sacrifice was for everyone. Only then did the veal that separated us from the Holy of Holies be lifted to welcome all in; a new era for The Great White Throne began. He has dominion and power over all creation. He is the Firstborn Son; born of the divine word of Almighty God to forever rule over and above all. After he rose from the dead, and before he ascended to Heaven; he said, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”.

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