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Spiritual Truth

I finally understand that one of the most important reasons for my life is to learn as much as possible about spiritual truth. After searching the world over, I found the truth that became my answer for all. It all began the moment I asked Holy Spirit to come into my heart and fill my soul. That was when the spiritual awakening began which has turned into an obsession, and the more I learn, the more I yearn for its continuing hold. Holy Spiritual awakenings happen when self-spirit becomes joined with his own. This spiritual connection causes overwhelming emotional excitement of extremes never felt of before. It is a life changing experience that demonstrates union and eliminates doubt. Given to all who yearn to be fulfilled; given to all who yearn of his endless supply of love.

Before my awakening, I didn’t know that his truth waits patiently for all to call out his name and when one does he always responds. I didn’t know he had been waiting for my conscience and my soul to realize his significance in my life; for them all to become one strength in faith for my spirit to grow closer towards his own. And now that I recognize his truths; I know he is always within touch. And now, I know without a doubt that his influence is becoming clearer. Before this awakening, I didn’t know that communication with his truth was always instant and simultaneous. Though now I fully understand that through unwavering faith in his truth that anything is possible and is how all blessings abound. Now that my hope has been shown of his merciful love; I ask humbly for the strength to always hold on strong.

His truth has always been with me, though I didn't realize, because I couldn't recognize; due to the condition my spirit was in, which didn't allow me to feel him near. He was waiting patiently for me to finally realize that he is the answer for everything I am living for. And now that I know this is true; there is no more mysteries and there is no more doubt. I understand it all now that I am finally on my knees surrendering all of my weaknesses for a faith that I pray will always grow.

Now, since I have surrendered to his truth and given him total control over my entire life; his hope fills my soul and takes care of all of my needs. His truth always knows exactly the condition of which my spirit is in. His truth always knows what’s in my heart and on my mind because his truth and my soul share a continuous bond that will always remain. He knows everything about myself because the transformation is occurring which is changing me into all that he wants me to become. And now that I do not doubt his wonders; new truth has been awakened within.

I know this is the beginning of a continuous journey to learn of his endless amounts of faith, of hope, and of love that he freely shares. I can see it clearly now that I know his truth is alive within my self. Everything I went through leading up to this latest awakening was for me to learn about the bond that we share. The bond in my latest time of weakness was the bond that taught me of strength to break through the forces that used to keep me contained and blind from seeing his reality. And now that my faith has experienced this awakening, I am stronger than before. And I know that no matter where faith may lead me it has already been prepared. Now I know his truth is satisfied with my unwavering hope as I learn of his unimaginable awe.

Every time I was left in a state of confusion and unpredictability, his truth was silently watching as I desperately searched for the answers; waiting for me to learn that all that ever mattered was his truth alone. He knew I was stubborn and that I would have to learn on my own what was his from what was not. I caused myself a lot of unneeded grief and pain, though I did eventually learn to depend on only him alone. Through my stubbornness nothing was ever denied, and anything that I chose to do that was wrong; I was always disciplined with tough love. His truth never allowed me to get separated from himself; because he wanted me to learn that the essence of my soul belonged to only him and was not of my own. And even though I knew that I was doing wrong; his truth silently watched my every move and listened to my every thought; allowing myself to get ready for the next hardest fall. He knew that eventually I would get tired of falling and reach my hands to the heavens and call out his name. Through his mercy with humbleness, I finally learned to surrender for conditioning of faith to grow closer towards his all. I did finally learn that his truth is all that truly matters in my life alone.

It is said that his truth will set me free. This he truly has. He is teaching me that through love and trust is where my total freedom began. He is transforming me into all that he created this soul of mine to become. He is teaching me that each truth that I learn is built on the last one shown. He has shown me that to learn of his truth is a continuous journey of growing faith. This being said, I have nothing to fear or to lose, and so very much to gain. His truth has always been with me. It never did leave because I never did deny his majesty. His truth has always been the most important factor in my life and has always been near to reveal and to protect. His truth always waited patiently for me to find his blessings. All the while never giving up on me because the truths love never fails. His truth knew that my destiny depended on all that is of his own. So, he kept me close and showed me how to find the way that he has prepared for all who yearn for his care. His truth has filled my soul with his Holy Spirit, and is teaching my spirit how to recognize all that is of his own from all that is not. His truth teaches my faith to learn to grow; even through trials and despair, I have gained faith and strength.

His Truth knows that I have surrendered my entire life to his cause. He knows my heart so very well. When it comes to learning, all that his truth wants is for me to keep yearning for faith to grow, so that eventually I will be able to glorify him the way that he is forming my spirit to do. And I know that he wants me to get ready to get introduced to a stronger faith of his truth within his light. And I know that he knows that will do whatever it takes to prepare myself for all that it is that he wants. He knows my new-found dedication is determined for his success alone. He knows that he can depend on me for anything that he formed this soul that I am bound together with to do.

I didn't have to wait for his truth to be given because his truth has always been a part of all that I am. It just took some reevaluation of priorities for this spiritual awakening to become my own, and now that it has, I will never deny his truth as long as I live. I have learned that I cannot live my life without him living inside of my soul. Yes, I have tried, though I did quickly find that my will of life begins to fade. His truth knows that I will not give up learning of righteousness and I will not be blinded again. His truth has opened my eyes to believe in his all and knows that I was born to recognize. His truth has always had the first and last word concerning everything in my life. And I have learned to not question him because his truth always knows best.

And now I know without a doubt, that the same spirit of truth that is Holy Spirit is the same spirit of truth that is influencing all that I am. This spiritual man that I have become is stronger than I have ever been before. And now that I know without a doubt, that Holy Spirit is in total control over everything in my life; I know that I surely have my own spirit under total control. And now that I know that Holy Spirit is responsible for allowing every single breath of life that I get; I no longer take anything for granted. And now that I know that his divine truth is responsible for forming this soul of my own; I will glorify the living truth of Holy Spirit with all of my will and strength. And now that I have surrendered my life to Christ and am spiritually born again; I know I will be taught everything I need to know about his Belt of Truth and his entire Armor of Light that is teaching me and blessing me to stand strong.

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